Integrated Terrain Analysis Program Services

Services Offered

ITAP Geogauge

  • Analysis of dust impacts to military equipment and operations
  • Comprehensive characterization of dust and aerosols: mineralogical, emissions, airborne transport, modeling
  • Terrain and environmental evaluation and mapping for military operations and training (U.S. to global).
  • Field and laboratory characterization of soil, sediment, and rock properties
  • Local to global assessment of military operating environments (tropic, desert, cold-region, temperate) in support of test and evaluation activities and military operations
  • Comprehensive environmental analysis (climate, vegetation, hydrology, cultural resources) to support range operations and sustainability
    • Soil Pits ITAPGlobal to local remote-sensing, terrestrial image analysis, digital elevation data
    • Hydrological modeling, evaluation, monitoring, analysis (surface and ground water)
    • Sustainability of test and training ranges (natural and cultural resources)
    • UAS airborne production and analysis of optical, thermal, and digital elevation models of military terrain
    • Extensive GIS and remote sensing capabilities for terrain and environmental analysis


    Brad Sion, Ph.D.
    Program Director


    Desert Research Institute
    2215 Raggio Parkway
    Reno, NV 89512


    Earth & Ecosystem Sciences