Soil Characterization and Quaternary Pedology Laboratory

Lab Description

The Soil Characterization and Quaternary Pedology Laboratory is a non-profit analytical laboratory that conducts a wide range of physical and chemical analyses on soils and sediments, including suspended sediment samples. Capabilities focus upon measuring soil properties that can enhance the evaluation of soil hydrologic conditions, the evaluation of current and past environmental conditions, and the characterization of physiochemical processes in desert soils. Laboratory services include particle size analysis, soil plasticity, ion chromatography, electrical conductivity, soil pH, bulk density, and more.  Services may also include complete field characterization of soil morphology.  To learn more about field services, visit our Integrated Terrain Analysis Program (ITAP).

The laboratory is utilized by numerous researchers from within DRI and other research institutes, and by private companies and government agencies. Current clients include Los Alamos National Laboratory, and several environmental agencies working on water quality issues in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

We are authorized to receive USDA regulated domestic and international samples.


Lab phone: 775-673-7430
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