DRI scientist Monica Arienzo collects data for the Tahoe Rain or Snow project with Lake Tahoe in the distance.

Traditional hydrologic models may misidentify snow as rain, new citizen science data shows

Normally, we think of the freezing point of water as 32°F – but in the world of weather forecasting and hydrologic prediction, that isn’t always the case.

A summer monsoon rain event brings dark clouds and a rainbow to the East River watershed of Colorado.

As climate warms, summer monsoons to produce less streamflow

A new paper led by DRI’s Rosemary Carroll points to both the importance of monsoon rains in maintaining the Upper Colorado River’s water supply and the diminishing ability of monsoons to replenish summer streamflow in a warmer future with less snow accumulation.

Telling the story of research and innovation at DRI

DRI’s Office External Affairs and Communications provides support to research faculty and staff to generate awareness and engagement that inspires action to sustain research at DRI.

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Our Communications Team

Tracy Bower

Tracy Bower

Director of External Affairs

Tracy serves as DRI’s primary liaison with the community, including media, regional, state, and local officials. She directs the Institute’s policies and objectives for all state government and local affairs, and leads the communications and external engagement activities.

Tracy.Bower@dri.edu |702-862-5404

Kelsey Fitzgerald

Kelsey Fitzgerald

Science Writer

Kelsey serves as DRI primary Science Writer, working with scientists to communicate their research to the public and/or other scientists through press releases and a variety of other digital media products such as web pages, blogs, photography, video, and podcasts. She also assists with the creation of content for newsletters, fact sheets, reports, or any other type of outreach materials needed for projects. 

Kelsey.Fitzgerald@dri.edu | 775-673-7336

Lindsey Funseth

Lindsey Funseth

Visual Communications Specialist

Lindsey designs and creates a wide variety of visual communication (graphics, illustrations, photographs, videos, websites, and promotional materials) that tell DRI’s story and support the outreach and project needs of research faculty, students, and support staff. She serves as the Institute’s primary graphic designer and multimedia editor, working to translate complex scientific concepts into compelling visuals and helping to distribute that content to internal and external audiences.

Lindsey.Funseth@dri.edu |775-673-7465

Meghan Collins

Meghan Collins

Education Program Manager

Meghan coordinates DRI’s science communication efforts, including co-hosting the Science Distilled lecture series in collaboration with the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum. She leads DRI’s citizen science programs including Stories in the Snow, in which community members share pictures of freshly-fallen snow crystals through a smartphone app called Citizen Science Tahoe. She has also been involved as an educator/science communicator in a range of other programs, including Native Waters on Arid Lands and the new microplastics research program at DRI.

Meghan.Collins@dri.edu | 775.673.6759

Alison Swallow

Alison Swallow

Business Manager

Alison serves as the business manager and program lead for the Office of External Affairs and Communications. She provides executive support to DRI faculty and staff with regards to public outreach and communications and external affairs needs. She also monitors legislation on a state and national level to ensure DRI’s interests are followed Assists in coordinating internal and external events in Southern Nevada.

Alison.Swallow@dri.edu | 702-862-4512