Photo of a mountainside wildfire. Credit to Matt Palmer from Unsplash

Climate Change Will Increase Wildfire Risk and Lengthen Fire Seasons, Study Confirms 

Scientists examined multiple fire danger indices for the contiguous U.S. to assess the impact of climate change on future wildfire risk and seasonality.

Skier on a mountain covered in snow surrounded by pine trees.

Community Scientists Needed: Help Improve Winter Weather Predictions

Community members across Utah, the Great Basin, and around Lake Erie and Lake Ontario are invited to join people across the country in contributing winter weather observations. The data is collected by scientists for a NASA-funded project that seeks to improve the accuracy of winter weather predictions.

3000 years of carbon monoxide records show positive impact of global intervention in the 1980s 

An international team of scientists have assembled the first complete record of carbon monoxide concentrations in the southern hemisphere, based on measurements of air.  

Researchers with Ice Core Sample in Greenland

Volcanic Eruptions Triggered Historical Global Cooling

The new study, led by the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at St Andrews with international colleagues from the Desert Research Institute and others in Switzerland and the USA, and published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) (6 November 2023), finds that massive volcanic eruptions caused historical global cooling. 

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Our Communications Team

Tracy Bower

Tracy Bower

Director of External Affairs

Tracy serves as DRI’s primary liaison with the community, including media, regional, state, and local officials. She directs the Institute’s policies and objectives for all state government and local affairs, and leads the communications and external engagement activities. | 702-862-5404

Detra Page

Detra Page

Communications Manager

Detra serves as DRI’s primary media contact and manages the day-to-day operations of the Communications Office including DRI’s creative and digital marketing services, public information and community engagement. | 702-862-5597

Jessi LeMay

Jessi LeMay

Visual Communication Specialist

For the last 16 years, Jessi Lemay has been documenting the lives of families, the heart of organizations, and the stories of her community. Her unique blend of photography and video (and sometimes live community events) allows her an honest insight into the lives and passions of those in front of her lens. The result is natural portraiture that feels honest to the eye. Family films that are poetic and instantly nostalgic. Jessi’s goal is to capture the best of the human condition. Some of her career highlights include her live storytelling project The Folk & The Lore hosted at Nevada Museum of Art, traveling to South Sudan in 2015 with Five Talents International to collect the stories of financial inclusion, and documenting the oral histories of 100 years of Reno Rodeo for their 100th anniversary. | 775-673-7375

Elyse DeFranco

Elyse DeFranco

Science Writer

Elyse serves as science writer for the wide-ranging and impactful research occurring across DRI. She utilizes her background in ecology and science communication to help DRI’s scientists share the stories behind their research, and what it teaches us about the world. | 775-673-7336

Paula Loop

Paula Loop


Paula serves as DRI’s webmaster and manages the website and social media content. She had previously worked in libraries for the past 20 years, where she built her skills in organization, web design, and content creation. She is pursuing her master’s in Library & Information Science at the University of Denver. | 702-862-5497

Lori Fulton

Lori Fulton

Graphic Artist/Visual Science Translator

Lori serves as DRI’s graphic artist, designing all things DRI. She has worked with DRI since 2009 as a freelancer. Lori ran her own graphic design business for 29 years and, in 2023, committed to a full-time position at DRI. | 775-674-7019