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Nevada Gold Mines Supports DRI’s Nevada Robotics STEM Education Programs

To build a strong STEM workforce in Nevada, Nevada Gold Mines and Nevada Robotics are bringing STEM Education to schools across the state.

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Scientists Unveil New System for Naming Majority of the World’s Microorganisms

Scientists presented a new system, the SeqCode, that could help microbiologists effectively categorize and communicate about microorganisms.

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New study examines impacts of three desert landscaping strategies on urban irrigation and air temperatures

A team of scientists from DRI, Arizona State University (ASU), and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), examined the irrigation water requirements of three common types of urban landscapes.

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Growing numbers of Native American households in Nevada face plumbing poverty, water quality problems

A growing number of Native American households in Nevada have no access to indoor plumbing, a condition known as “plumbing poverty,” according to a new study.

Telling the story of research and innovation at DRI

DRI’s Office External Affairs and Communications provides support to research faculty and staff to generate awareness and engagement that inspires action to sustain research at DRI.

Media Inquiries

If you are a reporter on deadline or have a media inquiry please email or call Detra Page, 702.862.5597 (office) or 702.591.3786 (cell).

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Public Record Requests

The Office of Communications and Government Affairs is responsible for responding to requests made under the Nevada Public Records Act (N.R.S. 239 et seq). To submit a request, please use click below.

NSHE (Nevada System of Higher Education) Procedures and Guidelines Manual – NSHE Fees for Public Records Request.

Our Communications Team

Tracy Bower

Tracy Bower

Director of External Affairs

Tracy serves as DRI’s primary liaison with the community, including media, regional, state, and local officials. She directs the Institute’s policies and objectives for all state government and local affairs, and leads the communications and external engagement activities. | 702-862-5404

Detra Page

Detra Page

Communications Manager

Detra serves as DRI’s primary media contact and manages the day-to-day operations of the Communications Office including DRI’s creative and digital marketing services, public information and community engagement. | 702-862-5597

Tommy Gugino

Tommy Gugino

Web and Digital Engagement Administrator

Tommy serves as DRI’s Web and Digital Engagement Administrator for the Office of External Affairs and Communications. He manages the Institute’s website (, Intranet, and social media platforms (Including their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn). Tommy also serve as DRIs Accessibility Officer, working to maintain compliance and educate faculty and staff on WCAG 2.0 Level AA standards for website and digital media accessibility. | 702-862-5497

Jessi LeMay

Jessi LeMay

Visual Communication Specialist

For the last 16 years, Jessi Lemay has been documenting the lives of families, the heart of organizations, and the stories of her community. Her unique blend of photography and video (and sometimes live community events) allows her an honest insight into the lives and passions of those in front of her lens. The result is natural portraiture that feels honest to the eye. Family films that are poetic and instantly nostalgic. Jessi’s goal is to capture the best of the human condition. Some of her career highlights include her live storytelling project The Folk & The Lore hosted at Nevada Museum of Art, traveling to South Sudan in 2015 with Five Talents International to collect the stories of financial inclusion, and documenting the oral histories of 100 years of Reno Rodeo for their 100th anniversary. | 775-673-7375

Talitha LaPutt

Talitha LaPutt

Project Coordinator II

Talitha serves as the program lead for the Office of External Affairs and Communications. She provides executive support to DRI faculty and staff with regard to public outreach, communications, and external affairs needs. She also monitors legislation on a state and national level to ensure DRI’s interests are followed and assists in coordinating internal and external events in Southern Nevada. | 702-862-5530