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Advancing Scientific Knowledge on the Environment’s Impact on Humans and Humans’ Impact on the Environment

Today, more than ever, it is imperative that we invest in critical research to better understand and address the serious environmental challenges facing our world.

DRI’s team of more than 450 scientists, engineers, students and staff are currently conducting important environmental research aimed at preventing and addressing some of the world’s most complex environmental challenges. No matter the challenge – whether it’s climate change and extreme weather, population health, or drought and water availability – DRI is at the forefront.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors like you, DRI is exploring big environmental questions and developing solutions for tomorrow and beyond. Make a gift today to support this important work.

Latest News

ancient human footprints found in the desert

Footprints Claimed as Evidence of Ice Age Humans Need Better Dating

Recent research claimed that preserved footprints were from the last ice age. Now, a new study disputes the evidence of such an early age.

Healthy Nevada Project logo

Childhood Traumas Strong Impact Both Mental and Physical Health

Most Americans report experiencing at least one childhood trauma and these experiences have significant impacts on our health as adults.

two female scientists collect well water samples

Elevated Levels of Arsenic and Other Metals Found in Nevada's Private Wells

Some tested private wells in Nevada are contaminated with levels of heavy metals that exceed federal, state or health-based guidelines.

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