Engage with Science Alive’s NASA Inspired Content

Science Alive has resources to help Nevada’s educators discover the wonders of space and engineering education. Inspired by NASA, all of these offerings are available to educators across the state for use in both formal and informal education.

A green suitcase filled with science experiment materials sits open on a rock with the landscape of Mars in the background.

NASA STEM Kits – Uniquely designed to support formal and informal use, each kit includes step-by-step lesson plans, all necessary materials for 150 participants and can be completed in one sitting or expanded into longer lessons. Current topics cover the phenomena of gravity, the electromagnetic spectrum and engineering and design. Reserve a NASA STEM Kit for use in your classroom by clicking here.


Astrobiology Green Box for 3rd Grade – Explore life on other planets through this unit of hands-on astrobiology lessons. Students will directly engage with space science and learn about the existence of life in extreme environments. Available for check out here.


NASA Virtual Reality Experience – Science Alive outreach staff members will bring a virtual reality (VR) assisted lesson directly into the classroom. Content covers space science and engineering and is provided by the NASA Commercial Crew Program. Interested in a visit? Contact our outreach team at ScienceAlive@dri.edu


Nevada Robotics – Robotics are vital to a successful NASA mission! Get your school involved with robotics and robotics competitions through the Nevada Robotics program. Teacher trainings are held throughout the year to support new and veteran robotics coaches and their teams. Learn more by contacting AJ.Long@dri.edu 



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