Meet Casey the Green Box

Howdy folks! Here at Science Alive we believe that learning is for everyone, and we like to think that learning can be fun for all. That’s why we have a super fun mascot. Wait, have you not met our mascot? Well, we hope you like smiling, because our mascot is ready to meet you.
Meet Casey the Green Box! 
An anthropomorphic green suitcase smiles at the camera. 
Are you smiling yet? Casey is the face of Science Alive, and what a joyful face they have! We asked Casey why they’re grinning so big, and Kasey had this to say: 
“Today I rollerbladed to work (with a helmet on, of course) and I saw so many birds on the way here. Any day in which I get to observe nature and move around is a great day!” 
We heard it directly from the source: Casey loves science and the outdoors. When Casey’s not wearing rollerblades (the secret: they’re always ready to roll), they help the Science Alive team make fun STEM-based resources for folks all around Nevada. From Green Boxes to STEM Kits and beyond, Casey knows the sciences inside and out – and they’re still learning every day! 
“I may be the original Green Box, but even I can’t fit all the STEM knowledge in my head,” said Casey when asked about STEM-based lessons. “It’s my hope that students and teachers all across Nevada use our free resources to help us bring science education to life.” 
That’s why Casey is Science Alive’s mascot – they believe wholeheartedly in our mission, and they want to share STEM resources with as many educators and students as possible. If you’re interested in all the awesome educational resources Casey has worked on with the Science Alive team, please visit our website at 
When asked what they would do after the workday is over, Casey said this: “I’m going to cook a nice dinner, listen to some classical music, and read about Nikola Tesla.” This humble writer, for one, is green with envy – Casey the Green Box lives a life that’s rich and full! Let’s all try to be like Casey.

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