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COVID-19 Update for Science Alive -

At this time we have postponed all of our teacher trainings and public events. We have also suspended all delivery and checkout of our Green Boxes at this time. We are hopeful that when Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak provides guidance on how to reopen our state we will be able to work to reinstate our public programs and begin providing trainings, curriculum rentals and events again

About Science Alive

Science Alive conducts education and engagement for the Desert Research Institute, a global scientific research and development institute under the Neavada System of Higher Education. The mission of Science Alive is to support PreK-12 educators in science-based, environmental education by providing the tools, resources, and knowledge they need, so all students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to work, live and contribute in our community. Science Alive achieves our mission by providing inquiry-based STEM curriculum through our Green Boxes, offering Teacher Trainings and Workshops throughout the school year, and through School Support in the form of speakers, field trips, and special opportunities.

We serve schools in every county across the state of Nevada by providing teachers with free professional development or access to our Green Box program. At the start of 2015, we have served over 400 schools in Nevada (public, private, charter, or homeschool). Currently, 75% of the schools we serve are Title One schools, which are schools that receive federal assistance to close the achievement gap between low-income students and other students. Over 50% of the students we reach are on a federal assisted free and reduced lunch program (FRL) because of the their low-income status, and almost 20% are second language English learners (ELL).

DRI’s outreach and education activities started in 2000 and was named GreenPower before changing the name in 2017 to Science Alive.  Back in 2000, GreenPower focused mainly on renewable energy and conservation education. The partnership was primarily funded by the NV Energy Foundation and  also  the generosity of customers who voluntarily donate a few dollars each month to their NV Energy electric bill, for the program. These 100-percent tax-deductible donations support renewable energy education for Nevada’s students.

In 2012, GreenPower expanded their scope to focus on supporting Nevada’s pre-K-12 educators in science-based, environmental education by providing the tools, resources, and knowledge they need, so all students could acquire the knowledge and skills needed to work, live and contribute in our community.

With the name change, in 2017, ScienceAlive expanded their scope to include neighboring states, California and Arizona, as well as promoting more STEAM based activities, field experience for teachers, and leading the only K-12 energy education program for the state, EnergySmart Education.

DRI’s ScienceAlive aims to increase scientific knowledge and understanding of the earth’s environment, promoting preservation of diverse ecosystems, advancing responsible resource management, and improving human health and welfare.

The NVEnergy Foundation continues to be the primary sponsor of ScienceAlive, but is also funded by many more sponsors and supporters, which you can find listed here.

  • All students can learn and deserve an effective teacher.
  • Every teacher deserves to have access to free curriculum and materials that are aligned to the current educational standards.
  • Educators training fellow educators builds capacity, professionalism, and perspective.
  • Sharing resources and engaging partners builds opportunity, ownership, and expertise.

Mackenzie Peterson
Education Program and Curriculum Development Lead
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Leah Madison
STEM  Education Program Lead
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Community Relations and Professional Development Administrator
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A.J. Long 
Robotics and STEM  Education Administrator
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John Soto 
Science Alive K-12 Program Assistant

Chelsea Ontiveros 
Science Alive Office Coordinator


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