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As part of our mission, we recognize the importance of preparing Nevada’s educators with real world science information and expertise so they can transmit that information to their students.

DRI’s Science Alive program hosts professional development teacher trainings throughout the year in both Northern and Southern Nevada, and in our rural communities. We pride ourselves on offering a diverse set of topics and experiences at each training. All of DRI’s trainings are free and educators who attend our trainings are eligible for in-service professional development hours offered through the Nevada State Department of Education.  Our trainings include hands-on activities, exciting keynote presentations, unique field trip experiences, and amazing resources.

Past topics for our trainings include: Astrobiology, gardening, engineering and innovation, recycling, water conservation, energy and energy efficiency, exploring NGSS, and our annual STEAM focused trainings.

Should you have any questions about our trainings please contact our Community Relations and Professional Development Administrator

Upcoming Workshops


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Previous Workshops

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