Science Alive

K-12 Teacher Professional Development and Curriculum

Science Alive works to improve STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education, prepare students for STEM careers, reduce energy usage among teachers, students, and schools, and reduce the environmental impacts from energy and water consumption. The Science Alive program also provides educator trainings, Green Boxes, school support, field trips, and a speaker series for pre-K-12 educators with an emphasis on energy, energy efficiency, resource conservation and related topics. 

Curriculum and Resources

The Green Box program offers several energy efficiency and conservation focused curriculum boxes for use by Nevada educators. Available for a range of grades, each box helps students uncover how humans produce energy and learn strategies to reduce energy and water consumption in their daily lives. Interested in using an EnergySmart green box in your classroom? Visit our Green Box page. 

The contents of a Science Alive Green Box

Each Green Box is a self-contained teaching kit that provides educators with a unit of lesson plans along with all of the necessary supplies.

Participating Schools and Organizations

Over half of the participating schools are designated as Title I, in which more than 50% of the campus student population is eligible for the federal Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) program, a reliable indicator of poverty. Additionally, among the schools served in the current year by the EnergySmart program, 10 percent of the student population at the schools served are designated as Limited English Proficiency. See a current map of our EnergySmart School across Nevada.

Map of participating schools and organizations

Map of schools and organizations participating in the EnergySmart program

Professional Development

Photo of EnergySmart professional development session

EnergySmart teacher training


Our most recent, past EnergySmart Education teacher training event was held virtually on November 18th & 29th, 2021. The event focused on how renewable energy could address issues in environmental justice. Guest speakers Dr. Jennifer Willett from UNR and Dr. Alan Gertler from DRI covered the topics of environmental justice, current research in energy resources and climate change, and the “Research for Change” project.

Video recordings of the lectures can be found on our YouTube channel. Click here to view!

A green and blue flyer detailing the EnergySmart Educator Workshop for November 2021.

Questions? Contact Leah Madison at

Home Energy

Because we know students take home what they learn at school, we’ve developed tools to enhance energy education at home. Families can find home energy savings; NV Energy and Southwest Gas.

photo of lightbulb

Calling ALL 4th Grade Teachers in Carson City, Churchill, Douglas, Elko, Eureka, and Lyon Counties! – A virtual EnergySmart presentation is available to you!

The classroom EnergySmart Home Kit program is getting ready to schedule outreach for the 2022-2023 school year. This interactive energy activity reinforces energy conservation and water efficiency concepts from 4th grade NGSS Standards. The program provides an engaging presentation from our own “Dr. Megawatt”, empowering students to be leaders in energy efficient behaviors in their daily lives. Students will also receive free Take Action Home Kits that will provide materials to install within their home to improve their energy efficiency.

    For questions about this program, contact Shawna Witt at 

    This program is made possible by the generous support of Southwest Gas Corporation. 

    The EnergySmart Theater Troupe is a musical theater presentation for 2nd-3rd grade elementary classrooms in Nevada, sponsored by the Southwest Gas Corporation. Sing along with Lazy Lou the energy waster and a group of energy scientists as they learn about easy energy and water conservation techniques we can all implement. Prepare to have energy songs stuck in your head all day!

    Virtual and in-person classroom presentations will resume this Fall 2022!

    For questions about the program, contact Shawna Witt at


    All Nevadans are encouraged to view and use our Rewewable Energy Spotlight highlighting the various renewable energy resources in Nevada. Click the links below to learn about the energy companies, watch virtual tours and informative video clips, and explore all of the benefits of using each renewable energy source.


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