Science Alive Helps Bring Family STEM Nights to Virtual Life

Howdy everyone, Casey the Green Box here! Sharing STEM education with Nevada’s teachers and families is a lot of work for one group. I’m happy to say that Science Alive works with other folks to deliver the good stuff. One of our great partners is Sierra Nevada Journeys, who teach NGSS-aligned lessons and host Family STEM Nights all across Nevada!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all of the educational outreach performed by Science Alive and Sierra Nevada Journeys is virtual – and it’s still awesome! Each Virtual Family Night is a 30-minute videoconference experience that guides families through hands-on STEM activities, all in the comfort and safety of their homes. These fun and educational events combine STEM learning and exciting challenges to bring families together doing science, and that’s a win for everyone!

Students participate in a STEM activity by stacking cups to make pyramids.

Ah, the wonder of pre-pandemic Family STEM Nights!


If you’re interested in participating in a Virtual Family STEM Night, contact Alyssa Wagner at, or head over to Sierra Nevada Journeys’ website to check out all the great resources they offer. We here at Science Alive help with STEM Nights, and have a ton of other resources to share. If you want to know more about the educational resources we offer, take a gander at the Science Alive website. As always, thanks for supporting us, and we look forward to sharing knowledge with you – virtually!

Science Alive team members demonstrate educational science materials to Boys & Girls Club employees.

Before the pandemic, Science Alive team members share the excitement of STEM kits with Boys & Girls Club employees in Reno, Nevada.


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