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Sally Houseman-Lehman
Manager of Lab Operations & Assistant Research Scientist, Geology



Sion, B., Samburova, V., Berli, M., Baish, C. J., Bustarde, J., Houseman-Lehman, S. M. (2023). Assessment of the Effects of the 2021 Caldor Megafire on Soil Physical Properties, Eastern Sierra Nevada, USA, Fire, 6 (2). MDPI, 10.3390/fire6020066

Hartshorn, E. J., McDonald, E. V., Weir, W. B., Sweeney, M., Houseman-Lehman, S. M., Lacey, T. (2021). An Integrated Model Combining UAS Imagery and PI-SWERL for Evaluating Intra-Landform Dust Emission Variability. Report Prepared for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory

Conference Proceedings
Houseman-Lehman, S. M., McDonald, E. V. (2022). Coastal Erosion Along the Eastern Seaboard: An Evaluation of Soil Health and Future Impacts on Coastal Military Installations. 14th International Conference on Military Geosciences: Charleston, South Carolina, June 20, 2022-June 24, 2022

Sion, B., Berli, M., Samburova, V., Baish, C. J., Bustarde, J., Houseman-Lehman, S. M. (2022). Effects of the 2021 Caldor fire (CA, USA) on soil hydraulic and thermal properties: a pilot study, 54 (5), GSA Connects 2022: Denver, CO, October 9, 2022-October 12, 2022, 10.1130/abs/2022AM-381651