Remembering Peter Wagner

black and white photo of Dr. Peter B. Wagner

Wagner Award Celebrates 25th Year

The Peter Wagner Memorial Endowment was established in 1981 by Sue Wagner—his wife and former longtime Nevada legislator and Lt. Governor— and his family and friends. Peter Wagner was an atmospheric physicist at DRI who was killed on March 3, 1980, with three of his DRI colleagues in a plane crash over the Sierra while on a research flight. A memorial plaque is on display in the courtyard of DRI’s Northern Nevada Science Center. 

This year, the 25th Wagner Award was presented on September 21 to Andrea Gordon from the School of Meteorology, University of Oklahoma. We thank Sue Wagner, her family, and friends for establishing this endowment in Peter’s memory and their continued support. For more information on how you can support impactful science that inspires solutions, please contact the DRI Office of Advancement at (775) 673-7300. To learn more about the Wagner Award for Women in Atmospheric Sciences please visit: Wagner Award for Women in Atmospheric Sciences – DRI

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