The William N. Pennington Foundation Supports DRI’s Cloud Seeding Program

DRI is grateful for the ongoing generous support by the William N. Pennington Foundation for DRI’s cloud seeding projects in Northern Nevada for the 2021 and 2022 winters.

During the 1960s, DRI scientists helped pioneer the science of wintertime cloud seeding, developing research-based methods for increasing winter snowpack and subsequent snowmelt runoff across mountainous regions of the Western U.S. Since the DRI Cloud Seeding Research Program’s early days, DRI’s team of experts has conducted continuous research and development to create time-tested cloud seeding methods that are proven to enhance snowfall from winter storms. DRI’s cloud seeding projects are conducted in an environmentally safe manner, increasing the precipitation formation efficiencies of passing clouds to support the water needs of local communities and ecosystems.

“The William N. Pennington Foundation has supported DRI’s Cloud Seeding Program since 1997,” said DRI President Kumud Acharya. “With the severe drought in the Western U.S., this funding is needed more than ever. We deeply appreciate the Pennington Foundation’s continued support of this important program.”

Thanks to the generosity of the William N. Pennington Foundation and other supporters, our scientists are exploring big environmental questions and are being awarded funding for further research.

To support IRP or for more information on how to make a gift to support DRI, please contact Kristin Burgarello, director of advancement, at 775.673.7386 or

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