The Story of the Future

The Story of the Future

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Join us for an enlightening science lecture focused on the power of data, models, dashboards and forecasting in keeping the public informed about critical environmental and community concerns. Explore the dynamics of urban heat and extreme weather modeling. Discover the vital role of community dashboards in presenting quality-of-life data and how data is being used to accurately predict education outcomes. Gain a deeper understanding of how data-driven models can help us prepare for and respond to the challenges of our changing world, all aimed at improving quality of life and creating resilient communities.

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Featured Presenters:

Kylie Rowe, Executive Director of Truckee Meadows Tomorrow
Measuring What Matters in Washoe County: TMT’s New Initiative in Data + Impact Storytelling
For 30+ years, Truckee Meadows Tomorrow has been Northern Nevada’s hub for quality-of-life data + explanation of services and what we bring to the community. Kylie will be presenting an overview of Quality of Life Community Indicators in Washoe County with examples of data and TMT’s New Pilot Project in Data + Impact Storytelling.
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TMT is a grassroots organization that collects and publishes quality-of-life indicator data in northern Nevada. The mission is to enhance quality of life by providing accurate, timely and objective data as the basis for community engagement and dialogue.

John Mejia, Associate Research Professor, Climatology at DRI
Dr. Mejia’s current research focuses on developing regional climate modeling frameworks to examine climate impacts across various scales, ranging from global to regional to urban settings. He integrates observations and model output to generate practical information for environmental management, as well as the formulation of climate adaptation and mitigation strategies. Dr. Mejia’s presentation will show our advancements in the modeling of the urban climate for the Las Vegas Metropolitan area, including its urban built heterogeneity and its interaction with urban vegetation, water, and energy consumption. Additionally, we shed light on how policies aimed at water conservation (e.g., turf replacement) or heat management (e.g., cool roofs and cool roads) exhibit synergies and tradeoffs, underscoring the importance of a comprehensive understanding for effective urban environmental management.

JT Stark, Data Visualization and Analytics Coordinator at Washoe County School District
Presenting: Insight into High School Graduation
In his position as the Data Analytics Coordinator for the Washoe County School District (WCSD), the 59th largest district in the U.S., JT Stark plays a role in supporting the educational paths of over 60,000 students each year. Recent innovations created within WCSD have allowed WCSD to lead the nation in educational early warning systems, profoundly impacting the field of public education, and identifying students in need more accurately and earlier than ever. Beyond his work at WCSD, JT is an instructor of information systems and data analytics at the University of Nevada’s College of Business, and serves on the board of Truckee Meadows Tomorrow, a local non-profit committed to improving our community’s quality of life through strategic data utilization.

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