Society for California Archaeology 2024 Annual Meeting: Prehistoric Ceramics in the California Deserts

Society for California Archaeology 2024 Annual Meeting: Prehistoric Ceramics in the California Deserts

SAC Annual Meeting Considering Cultural Landscapes

Register now for the Society for California Archaeology 2024 Annual Meeting: Considering Cultural Landscapes featuring Hannah Robinson from the Bureau of Land Management, California Desert District, and Gregory Haynes from Desert Research Institute, Las Vegas, on Friday, March 8.

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Prehistoric Ceramics in the California Deserts: Building Consensus among Stakeholders in the Twenty-First Century
Friday, March 8, 2024

One hundred years ago, Malcolm Rogers began his archaeological investigations using ceramics to construct a prehistoric culture history of the Colorado and Mojave deserts of California. Since that time many archaeologists have followed Rogers, seeking to understand prehistoric cultural affiliations, culture change, and how people made a living in these lands using ceramics. But prehistoric ceramics intersect with, and are important to, many people beyond those in academia. Descendant communities have their own unique knowledge about these artifacts and their meaning in the lives of their ancestors. Land managers, who administer public lands and the resources present thereon, are charged with the protection and conservation of ceramic-related resources. Just as importantly are museum and curation professionals who care for ceramic collections in-perpetuity on behalf of the American public. Each of these stakeholders have their own perspectives about prehistoric ceramics in the California deserts. This symposium brings together individuals from these diverse backgrounds to discuss future directions in our understanding, management, and curation of ceramic artifacts and ceramic assemblages in the twenty-first century.


Hannah Robinson, District Archaeologist, Bureau of Land Management, California Desert District

Greg Haynes, Associate Research Professor, Desert Research Institute

Rena Van Fleet, Colorado River Indian Tribes, Tribal Historic Preservation Office

Karen Harry, Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Tony Soares, Ceramic Replication Professional

Aaron Wright, Preservation Anthropologist, Archaeology Southwest

Kristin O’Lear, Executive Director, Imperial Valley Desert Museum

Jill McCormick, Yuma Field Office Archaeologist, Bureau of Land Management


Photo of collected piece of ceramic Map of Lower Colorado Buff Ware Hand holding a piece of broken ceramic found during an archaeological expedition.

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