New World Luminescence Dating Workshop 2024

New World Luminescence Dating Workshop 2024

Save the Date! NWLDW 2024 June 11-14 in Reno, NV

We are excited to host the New World Luminescence Dating Workshop (NWLDW) June 11-14, 2024 at the Desert Research Institute (DRI) in Reno, NV!

Luminescence dating includes a group of established and rapidly emerging trapped charge dating techniques that are routinely used to constrain the timing of climate change, tectonics, sea level change, topographic change, natural hazards, human history and evolution, and human-environment interactions. NWDLW is a biannual workshop that features posters and presentations from students and researchers that develop and apply luminescence dating techniques in the Earth Sciences and Archaeology. This workshop serves as a forum for luminescence practitioners to share their findings with the broader scientific community, and provides a friendly, inclusive venue for students to meet and interact with experts in the field.

Stay tuned for updates on the DRI Luminescence Research Lab (DRILL) webpage as well as on our twitter @DRILuminescence.

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