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NWLDW 2024

New World Luminescence Dating Workshop

We are excited to host the New World Luminescence Dating Workshop (NWLDW) June 11-14, 2024 at the Desert Research Institute (DRI) in Reno, NV!

Luminescence dating includes a group of established and rapidly emerging trapped charge dating techniques that are routinely used to constrain the timing of climate change, tectonics, sea level change, topographic change, natural hazards, human history and evolution, and human-environment interactions. NWDLW is a biannual workshop that features posters and presentations from students and researchers that develop and apply luminescence dating techniques in the Earth Sciences and Archaeology. This workshop serves as a forum for luminescence practitioners to share their findings with the broader scientific community, and provides a friendly, inclusive venue for students to meet and interact with experts in the field.

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Desert Research Institute
Northern Nevada Science Center
2215 Raggio Parkway
Reno, NV 89512



DRILL Homepage


DRI Northern Nevada Science Center

2215 Raggio Parkway
Reno, NV 89512

DRI Reno Campus with flags flying out front.

Stout Conference Room & DRILL Lab



Reno-Tahoe International Airport
12 Minutes from DRI


Hotels (Gaming and Non-Gaming)


Visit Midtown for food and gaming
13 Minutes from DRI


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Tallest Climbing Wall in the World

BaseCamp, in downtown Reno, is home to the tallest rock climbing wall on the planet (coming in at 164 feet). This amazing rock climbing wall allows visitors to scale the side of Whitney Peak Hotel for unparalleled views of the downtown area, including the iconic Reno Arch.

National Bowling Stadium

Fans of “Kingpin” will recognize this massive Reno landmark. The nearly 400,000-square-foot bowling center was the backdrop for some of the movie’s iconic scenes. The five-story structure has almost 80 gorgeous lanes for you to play.

Birthplace of Blue Jeans

In late December 1870, the wife of a laborer asked Davis to make a sturdy pair of pants for her husband. Using the duck cloth, Davis added copper rivets to the seams for added strength. As word of the new creation spread, Davis was overwhelmed with orders for his sturdy pants. Realizing that he needed a business partner, he approached his supplier, Levi Strauss. – RenoHistorical.org

Seismic Activity

There are thousands of earthquakes annually, although only a couple hundred of these small earthquakes can be felt if you’re paying close attention. It remains unclear if these small tremors are ever responsible for shifting anyone’s luck in the casinos.

Casino Party

Reno has over 20 casinos within the metro area. Discover what Reno has to offer!