Beyond Our Horizon

Beyond Our Horizon

Graphic for Beyond our Horizon event of earth seen from space.

In this final event in our season, DRI Science at the Springs departs from Earth and takes you on a journey to explore the beyond. Join our speakers on October 5 at the Springs Preserve as they share stories about astrobiology, training NASA Astronauts in the Nevada desert at the Nevada National Security Site, and how microbes deep within the subsurface of our planet tell us more about exploring life beyond Earth.

Doors open at 6 p.m. Presentation begins at 6:30 p.m.
Beer, wine, and small bites will be available for purchase from Aspire Coffee House.

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$25 non-members
$20 Springs Preserve value members
$15 Springs Preserve donor members

Featured Speakers:

Dr. Brittany Kruger will introduce the topic astrobiology and describe techniques researchers use to learn more about life in extreme environments, and how that information translates into looking for life on other planets. She will use examples from her own research in surface-based extreme environments on Earth including high pH springs and growing plants in simulated Martian soil.

Dr. Duane Moser will be talking about his research into deep, subsurface biospheres around the world, and what it tells us about naturally occurring, radiation-driven ecosystems. While Dr. Moser’s research deals with microbes deep within the subsurface of earth, his work provides a terrestrial analog for the exploration of life beyond on Earth.

Nick Downs, a third generation geologist, will join us to discuss the Nevada Space Proving Ground located within the Nevada National Security Site and how it is the nation’s most realistic full-scale testbed to prepare humans and equipment to return to the moon. The #NNSS has a deep legacy of supporting our nation’s space efforts, and #NSPG is building on that heritage to support the future exploration of the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

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