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Current Research Projects: Antarctic Microbial Biology

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Website: Geochemistry and Microbiology of the Extreme Aquatic Environment in Lake Vida, East Antarctica: Lake Vida III: Developing a comprehensive understanding of Lake Vida – from the past to the present – life, biogeochemical function, geochemical composition and paleohistory of its microbial inhabitants.

JPL NAI Cover Website: Astrobiology of Icy Worlds (NASA Astrobiology Institute Program)

Past Research Projects: Antarctic Microbial Biology

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Website: IPY: Bacterioplankton Genomic Adaptations to Antarctic Winter

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Website: Free-Drifting Icebergs as Proliferating Dispersion Sites of Iron Enrichment, Organic Carbon Production and Export in the Southern Ocean

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Lake Vida camp

Subsurface ice and brine sampling: life detection and characterization in the McMurdo Dry Valleys using an ultrasonic gopher.

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Polaribacter irgensii

Genome Sequencing of two Antarctic bacteria – a marine Actinobacterium, str. PHSC20C1 and a sea-ice associated bacterium, Polaribacter irgensii, 23-P. (Supported by the Marine Microbiology Initiative Program at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation)

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 GenEx 2 - Gene Expression in Extreme Environments: Extending Microarray Technology to Understand Life at its Limits (Supported by the NSF- LExEn program - LexEn Website

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Genome Maps

Environmental genomics of Antarctic marine bacterioplankton using a large-contig sequencing approach.

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Past Research Projects: Hydrothermal Microbial Biology


Vent Epibiont Environmental Genome (VEEG) - A meta-genome level analysis of an extreme microbial symbiosis.

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Mammoth Hot Springs

Geobiology and the emergence of terraced architecture during carbonate mineralization.

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Academic Affiliations

Adjunct Professor, University of Nevada, Reno:


UNR: Current Issues in Microbial Ecology Seminar (UNR-ERS 793C)

NSF-sponsored International Graduate Training Course "Interactive Biology and Adaptation of Antarctic Organisms"

NASA Space Grant sponsored Nevada Geobiology Summer Short Course

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Keywords: microbial ecology, genomics, extreme environments, Antarctic, polar, biogeochemistry, microbial diversity, astrobiology, biological oceanography, adaptation