Renewable Energy Research and Application at DRI

Renewable Energy Research and Application at DRI

The Desert Research Institute is committed to discovering new economically and environmentally friendly energy production methods. DRI supports expanding renewable energy research throughout Nevada and around the U.S.

Real-Time Monitoring of DRI's Solar Arrays

Check out the links below to see how much solar power DRI is generating right now from seven sites. System sizes are AC.


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Solar Generation on DRI’s Campuses

In cooperation with NV Energy under their “Solar Generations” program, beginning in 2005 DRI installed nine photovoltaic arrays Statewide capable of generating approximately 2.1 megawatts (AC). The last array was completed in 2014. Together, the nine arrays produce around 4 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year or nearly half of the electricity needed to operate DRI facilities. Using on-site solar energy to produce electricity saves DRI over $325,000 per year in electricity costs and substantially reduces our carbon footprint. 

Year Installed Campus/Building Served Array ID kW Generated (AC) # of Panels CO2 Emissions Reduction (lbs/yr) % of DRI Power Per Year
2005 Las Vegas – Rogers Rogers S. Wall 3 18 10,300 0.05%
2009 Reno CRVB CRVB North 20 96 68,000 0.3%
2012 Reno CRVB CRVB West 100 418 380,000 2%
2012 Las Vegas SNSC PHI SNSC West & South 330 1658 1,383,000 7%
2013 Reno Maxey Maxey North & Roof 450 1846 1,572,000 8%
2013 Las Vegas SNSC PHI SNSC East 50 204 216,062 1%
2014 Reno GBERL GBERL South 50 200 188,223 1%
2014 Reno CRVB CRVB East 100 400 376,447 2%
2014 Reno NNSC NNSC South 1000 3948 3,753,975 20%