Mary E. Cablk


About Dr. Mary Cablk

Dr. Mary E. Cablk is an expert in detection and systems. In her research, she draws upon knowledge from multiple fields such as olfaction, analytical chemistry, learning, cognitive and industrial/occupational psychology, forensics, spatial analysis, pattern analysis, and image processing. Her interests focus on transforming qualitative observation into quantitative data and combining multiple input data types to solve complex challenges related to detection, in a field setting. Her research and expertise has taken her around the world where she has addressed audiences and worked with colleagues on landmine detection, wildlife detection, recovery of human remains, and search and rescue, among others. She works closely with relevant agencies and organizations on the development and implementation of credentialing and standards for canine teams in a variety of disciplines. Dr. Cablk has been instrumental in developing a Ph.D. program in forensic anthropology at the University of Nevada Reno, where she is an adjunct professor and mentors graduate students. She is an auxiliary deputy with several county Sheriff Offices in the State of Nevada and is a resource to the State of California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

Research Expertise

Differentiating Bat Species Based on Odor Analysis

Analytical Chemistry Analysis of Bat Guano: An Investigation into Species-Specific Bat Detection via Olfaction

Desert Tortoise K9 Program

Leading a team studying the molecular biological make‐up and biogeochemical impacts of microorganisms living in oceanic and terrestrial polar environments.

Using Dogs to Locate Teeth

Fully equipped for state-of-the-art molecular biology, genomics, and bioinformatics research.


Mary Cablk, Ph.D.
Earth and Ecosystem Sciences
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