Environmental Analysis Facility

Analysis Services

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The Environmental Analysis Facility (EAF) is fully equipped to provide the following services:

Aerosol sampling: Filter-based samplers, sampling media, filter holders, as well as training, consultation, and instrument setup for large and small field studies. Provide and maintain continuous aerosol measuring equipment as well as data interpretation and validation of extensive datasets retrieved from these instruments. Provide a dilution sampling system for the collection of samples directly from sources. Speciation of carbon compounds by Thermal Desorption-Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometry.

Carbon fractions: Ambient and source organic and elemental carbon fraction concentrations by thermal/optical reflectance and transmittance.

Data management: EAF works with sponsoring agencies to ensure data is validated and transferred to appropriate databases in appropriate format.

Elemental analysis: Ambient and source aerosol elemental concentrations by energy dispersive X-ray florescence (EDXRF) and ICP-MS.

Ionic: Ambient and source anion and cation concentrations by ion chromatography, automatic colorimetry, and atomic absorption.

Mass: Ambient and source aerosol mass concentrations by gravimetric analysis of filters before and after sampling.

New procedures and methods: EAF is continuously developing new and improved laboratory methods for the analysis of aerosol samples.

Standardization and auditing: On-site and remote auditing of field operations.


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Lab Director


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