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About the DRI Foundation

The DRI Foundation was formed in 1982 and is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. The Foundation board members raise funds to strengthen and promote the DRI scientific research and services to Nevada and beyond. Private philanthropy is an integral part of supporting DRI’s continued research and educational outreach.

Why We Support DRI

I support DRI because the groundbreaking research that scientists do here in Nevada and around the world benefits us all. Whether it’s research into air quality in the Las Vegas Valley, fighting invasive species in Lake Mead, or preserving Nevada’s ancient archeological history, DRI scientists provide policy makers with the knowledge and data to make decisions that will protect Nevada’s environment and drive our economic future.

Tina Quigley

Former Chair of the DRI Foundation

We tend to support organization that have tangible effects on large groups of people. DRI is a perfect example of this. It is an organization that quietly, without much fanfare, focuses on challenges we have as people on this planet in connection to the environment. Ranked 17th in the nation for effective environmental research, the results of their efforts have positively touched people on every continent on earth…. and that is what we call ‘having an impact!

Mike & Cindy Benjamin

Chair and Trustee Emeritus of DRI Foundation

Mary Kay and I have been donors to DRI for over a dozen years because we have seen the impact of environmental research by DRI scientists in Nevada and on an international scale.  We have helped on their projects in the Sierras and Lake Tahoe in measuring snowpack and water clarity and tracking wildfires. We have traveled throughout Nevada and the West with them, even going to China and Tibet with President Kumud Acharya and to Jordan with Archeologist Teresa Wriston. We have experienced first-hand the impact of DRI research and the importance of our continuing support.  The work of DRI’s extraordinary scientists to address the adaptations required for our lives from changing environmental conditions should inspire the support of all who learn about DRI.

Tom & Mary Kay Gallagher

Vice-Chair of DRI Foundation
My dad, Clark J. Guild, Jr., had a great interest in natural resources and was also a DRI Research Foundation trustee for a number of years. My brother, Joe, and I established the Clark J. Guild, Jr. Endowment for Watershed Sciences because it represented all the things our father believed in: Nevada, education and research.

Joe and Jann Guild

Fellow of DRI Foundation
Mary and I are proud to do our part in recognizing the excellent research and science being conducted at DRI. At the same time, we hope this award brings about a greater recognition of the excellent high level of research and science taking place through DRI both statewide and worldwide.

Nazir and Mary Ansari

Fellow of DRI Foundation
The Desert Research Institute does an impressive job making good use out of the money they receive.

Bob and Del Noland

Fellow of DRI Foundation
The Desert Research Institute has been part of our family since its inception. Over the years our admiration for and support of the Institute continues to grow. We have great appreciation for the substantial contributions the Institute has made worldwide to the sciences, particularly those related to the environment.

Fred Gibson

Founding Trustee of DRI Foundation
DRI’s southern Nevada origins began in facilities owned by Sulo and Aileen Maki, who made substantial cash and property donations to the Institute during the past four decades.

The Sulo and Aileen Maki Estate

Innovation Research Program

A Special Initiative of the DRI Foundation

Donor-powered research solving critical environmental problems

The DRI Foundation created the Innovation Research Program (IRP) to increase the opportunities for DRI’s faculty and technical staff to succeed in their research by financially supporting their very best ideas. This financial support enhances DRI’s reputation as a world leader in critical environmental research and attracts talented scientists to the Institute.

Annual funding of the Innovation Research Program is a fundraising objective of the Foundation Members. These funds support seed grants, early funding, and hiring post-doctoral researchers.

In 2019, those funds supported DRI scientists in exploring big environmental questions. Has microplastic pollution made its way to the famous blue waters of Lake Tahoe? What can tools used to understand groundwater tell us about how chemo reaches tumors? How is declining snowpack changing mountain environments and economies? These research projects are leading to new data, new solutions, and new funding for larger projects.

DRI Foundation Leadership


CEO, Palomino Farms LLC


Professional Book Editor 


Owner, RKM Management

Finance/Audit Committee Chair


Founder and EVP, Incredible Technologies, Inc.


GM, Las Vegas Valley Water District & Southern Nevada Water Authority


GM, Truckee Meadows Water Authority


President Emeritus, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and Consortium for Ocean Leadership

Faculty Engagement Committee Co-Chair


Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder, Praedicat, Inc.


CEO, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority


Chief Financial Officer and Principal, R&R Partners

Chairman, R&R Foundation


Founder, KPS3 Marketing

Communications and Marketing Committee Chair


Vice President, Environmental, Safety, and Land Resources, NV Energy


Marketing and M&A Consultant

President, Desert Research Corporation


Senior Advisor, Porter Group LLC


Executive Vice President, Southern Nevada ERA Brokers


President and CEO, Nevada State Bank


Internal Medicine, Private Practice


CEO, The Gridwise Alliance and Principal, kW Energy Strategies, LLC

DR. NAZIR ANSARI,  Emeritus Professor of Management, UNR

JOSEPH W. BROWN, Esq., Of Counsel, Kolesar Leatham Attorneys at Law

MARK F. BRUCE, ESQ., Principal, Bruce Law Group

DR. KENNETH W. CIRIACKS, Retired, VP of Technology, Chevron

GAYLE CROWELL, Board Director, Strategic Business Advisor

DR. FAROUK EL-BAZ, Director, Center for Remote Sensing Boston University & Former NV Medalist

LOU EMMERT, Retired, VP & GM for Sprint Nevada

DR. CHARLES R. GOLDMAN, Adjunct Professor, DRI DHS & Former NV Medalist


WALTER M. HIGGINS III, Retired Chairman and CEO Sierra Pacific Resources (now NVEnergy)

HON. BRUCE R. JAMES, Director, United States Government Publishing Office, Ret.

BRIAN J. KENNEDY, Retired Chairman & Founder, Meridian Gold

KEITH L. LEE, Principal, The Public Affairs Group

HOWARD “HAL” LENOX Jr., Director of Gov. Affairs, Western Region, General Motors

ROBERT E. LEWIS, President, Lewis Operating Corporation

MICHAEL LYNCH, Manager, Eco Electrical Systems, LLC

DR. D. WARNER NORTH, Pres. & Principal Scientist, NorthWorks, Inc.

Former CEO, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada
Executive Committee

MICHAEL A. SALTMAN, Managing General Partner & Pres., The Vista Group, LV

THOMAS J. SCHOEMAN, Retired, Pres., JMA Architecture Studios

ROBB SMITH, CEO & Co-Founder, Integral+Life

AMY VERNETTI, Director of Leadership Recruiting, Moonshots at Google, Inc.

TROY E. WADE II, Chairman, Nevada Alliance for Defense, Energy & Business

STEVEN WEBER, Ph.D.VP & Client Service Mgr., HWH America’s Inc.

TOM WILLISON, Ph.D.Retired Chairman, McKinley Capital Management*

MISSY YOUNG, Executive VP of Colocation, SWITCH

*Denotes deceased DRI Fellow







HAL FURMAN, CEO & President, The Furman Group

THOMAS E. GALLAGHER, Adjunct Professor – Ethics, University of Nevada Las Vegas

SANDY MILLER, Former First Lady of Nevada



*Denotes deceased DRI Emeritus Trustee

DRI Foundation Meetings & Materials

Foundation Board of Trustees – Meeting Agendas & Materials

Board Meetings, Events & Subject Materials (2022)
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  • August 11, 2022 – Quarterly Meeting

The Nevada Open Meeting Law (OML) was enacted to ensure that the actions and deliberations of public bodies be conducted openly. In compliance with the Nevada OML, the DRI Foundation here provides the meeting agendas and subsequent supporting materials for its meetings.

For DRI Foundation meeting materials prior to 2022, or if you have questions regarding DRI Foundation meetings or materials, please contact Julie Mathews at (775) 673-7359 or julie.mathews@dri.edu.  

DRI Foundation Committees – Meeting Agendas & Materials

Faculty Engagement Committee Meetings (2022)
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Finance Committee Meetings (2022)
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