Meghan Collins Profile Photo
Meghan Collins
Assistant Research Scientist, Environmental Science

Meghan Collins joined DRI in June 2015. In her current position as Education Program Manager, she works to expand experiential learning and career-based STEM opportunities and translate the valuable results of DRI science to our communities.

As part of her science communication efforts, Meghan co-hosts the Science Distilled lecture series in collaboration with the Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum. Meghan also leads citizen science programs including Tahoe Rain or Snow andStories in the Snow. She has also been involved as an educator/science communicator in a range of other programs, including Native Waters on Arid Lands and the new microplastics research program at DRI.

Meghan’s education and professional experience is interdisciplinary. Her undergraduate and Masters degrees are in environmental science, emphasizing science communication and policy. Her resume includes positions in ecology, policy, and the non-profit sector. She has taught environmental science as an adjunct faculty member in community colleges in the US and New Zealand.


Science communication, citizen science, education, STEM pipeline, workforce development, internships


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