John Umek Profile Photo
Dr. John Umek
Assistant Research Professor, Director of Aquatic Ecology Laboratory

Heyvaert, A. C., Chandra, S., Fritsen, C. H., Hershey, R. L., Moser, D. P., Stone, M. C., Bruckner, J., Lutz, A. D., Memmott, J. C., Umek, J. W., Thomas, J. M. (2009). Contemporary Limnology of Walker Lake, Nevada. Final Report submitted to the Walker Basin Project. In: Restoration of a Desert Lake in an Agriculturally Dominated Watershed: The Walker Lake Basin. (Eds) M.W. Collopy and J.M. Thomas.

Harrold, Z., Arienzo, M. M., Collins, M. J., Davidson, J. M., Bai, X., Sukumaran, S., Umek, J. W. (2022). A Peristaltic Pump and Filter-Based Method for Aqueous Microplastic Sampling and Analysis, ACS ES&T Water, 2 (2), 268-277, American Chemical Society, 10.1021/acsestwater.1c00270

Umek, J. W. (2021). Movement of synthetic organic compounds in the food web after the introduction of invasive quagga mussels (Dreissena bugensis) in Lake Mead, Nevada and Arizona, USA, Science of the Total Environment, 752, 141845 – 141860. Elsevier, January 15, 2021

Umek, J. W. (2021). Eastern Sierra Nevada Riparian Areas Assessment for Fuels Reduction

Conference Proceedings
Arienzo, M. M., Harrold, Z. R., Collins, M. J., Davidson, J. M., Bai, X., Sukumaran, S., Umek, J. W. (2022). A peristaltic pump and filter-based method for aqueous microplastic sampling and analysis. SYMPOSIUM ON MICROPLASTICS ANALYTICAL AND REFERENCE STANDARDS — OPPORTUNITIES TO ADVANCE MICROPLASTIC SCIENCE: Online