Azimeh Zare Harofteh Profile Photo
Dr. Azimeh Zare Harofteh
Assistant Research Professor, Fire Process Modeler


Atmospheric Chemistry, Wildfire smoke transport and plume composition evolution, Air quality-climate change interaction, Air quality modelling from local to regional scales


Hosseinpour, F. E., Zare Harofteh, A., Brown, T. J., Kumar, N., Huang, S., Kramer, S. (2022). Development of Smoke Transport Probability and Risk Interactive Map from Trajectories and Climatology Analysis of 2-km CANSAC-Reanalysis Database, report to Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE), 8 pp

Conference Proceedings
Hosseinpour, F. E., Zare Harofteh, A., Kumar, N., Brown, T. J., Huang, S., Huang, S., Kramer, S., Besong, K., Besong, K. (2023). Advancing Smoke Management and Wildfire Mitigation through Probability-Based Smoke Transport Analysis. 22nd Annual CMAS Conference 2023: Chapel Hill, NC, October 16, 2023-October 18, 2023

Coughlin, J., Pavlovic, N., Chang, S., Chang, S., Craig, K., Craig, K., Scarborough, C., Clark, C., Herrick, J., Zare Harofteh, A., Kumar, N., Driscoll, C. (2023). Developing baseline nitrogen critical loads and ozone critical levels for U.S. tree species using background concentrations as a reference point. 2023 NADP Fall Meeting and Scientific Symposium, October 23, 2023-October 26, 2023