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DRI’s Center for International Water and Sustainability (CIWAS) was founded in 2013 to support and expand on DRI’s multi-disciplinary work in international water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and on environmental resource management over the last two decades.

Because CIWAS is uniquely situated –a center with deep WASH knowledge located at an environmental research institute– the Center is able to align a broad range of multidisciplinary talent for capacity-building projects and research. Through CIWAS’ work, DRI achieves its broader science for humanity mission of “increasing scientific knowledge and understanding of the earth’s environment, promoting preservation of diverse ecosystems, advancing responsible resource management, and improving human health and welfare.”

Overall Goal

The goal of CIWAS is to address gaps in knowledge, research, and human resource capacity that persist in developing countries and assist in reducing health related issues and in the design of sustainable WASH and environmental programs.


The overall vision of CIWAS is to provide both information and technical capacity to governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working to identify and solve problems related to human health and the management of environmental resources.

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Braimah Apambire, Ph.D.
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