George Burke Maxey Award in Water Resources Research

About the George Burke Maxey Award in Water Resources Research

An award has been established in the honor of Dr. George B. and Jane C. Maxey, former Executive Director of the Division of Hydrologic Sciences and his wife. The amount of the award is $1,500.00. This award is based on a research paper submitted by the student on a subject related to water science and engineering. 


To be eligible, the student must be a full- or part-time enrollee in the Graduate Program of Hydrologic Sciences (GPHS) at the University of Nevada, Reno or the Water Resources Management (WRM) program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and have at least one DRI faculty as a committee member. In addition, the student must be in good standing and have been in residence at least one semester. A student may win this award only once per degree.

Criteria for Evaluation

Submissions will be judged using several criteria, including:

  1. Imagination: Originality of ideas expressed or presentation of concept.
  2. Completeness: Thoughtful and well-defined concepts with introduction, analysis, and conclusions.
  3. Relationship: Relationship to real-world problems.
  4. Documentation: Evidence of background search of literature.
  5. Style: The paper should be in a form acceptable for publication.

These criteria are general and not necessarily equally weighted or in order of importance.

NOTE: Papers that are not directly related to water science (i.e., hydrology in a broad sense) will not be considered appropriate. If there is a question concerning acceptability of a particular subject area, please contact Sean McKenna before preparing the paper.


Students must submit an electronic copy of their paper in a single PDF document on a relevant topic and a cover letter stating their intellectual contribution to the paper by March 1 to: Maria Vasquez (, DHS Program Specialist. The body of the submission should be in manuscript format, no longer than 10 pages of double-spaced text and in a font-size not smaller than 11pt. Tables, figures, and references do not count towards the 10-page limit. Submissions in journal article format will not be accepted. The cover letter and paper will be distributed to each of the committee members for review and ranking. The applicant may be asked to make an oral presentation to summarize his/her paper, the time allotted being not more than fifteen minutes.

Submission and More Information

Papers must be submitted electronically in a single PDF document to Maria Vasquez by March 1 to:

Maria Vasquez
Desert Research Institute
Division of Hydrologic Sciences
2215 Raggio Parkway
Reno, Nevada 89512

Reno:  775-673-7979

Past Winners and Finalists

1979 John E. Dowden

1980 Peter M. Kearl

1981 Anthony D. Truschel

1982 Jonathan J. Rhodes

1983 Christine E. Koltermann

1984 Jeffrey M. Fisher and Carl E. Thodal

1985 Deborah L. Cave

1986 N/A

1987 N/A

1988 Joel S. Hayworth

1989 Lisa A. Shevenell

1990 Sandra Haws

1991 Scott R. Waichler

1992 Michael W. Slattery

1993 Linda Urzendowski

1994 Vijaya S. Chekuri and Dirk K. Cockrum

1995 Clay Cooper

1996 David A. Benson and Gregory M. Pohll

1997 Lynn Fenstermaker-Shaulis and Derek Sloop

1998 David Decker

1999 Rosemary W.H. Carroll

2000 Nicole A. Brown

2001 Hai Huang and Wooyong Um

2002 Rina Schumer

2003 Jie Xu

2004 N/A

2005 N/A

2006 Farag Botros

2007 Feng Pan

2008 N/A

2009 Francisco Suárez

2010 Margaret Shanafield

2011 Marion Bisiaux and Ramon Naranjo

2012 Dan Pasteris

2013 Wyatt Fereday

2014 Jackson B. Crews and Ryan Liebert

2015 N/A

2016 Daniel Saftner

2017 Kelley Sterle

2018 Kevin Heintz

2019 N/A


Maria Vasquez 


Desert Research Institute
2215 Raggio Parkway
Reno, NV 89512


Hydrologic Sciences