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At DRI, we believe in a world where trust between scientists and our community form the basis for a more sustainable and resilient environment for all people to live, grow, and prosper. From water scarcity and extreme heat to wildfires and air quality, we are committed to conducting impactful, innovative, and solutions-driven science that plays a central role in predicting, understanding, and addressing the issues faced by humanity.

What began more than 60 years ago as a small group of farsighted scientists, academic leaders, and entrepreneurs committed to understanding Nevada’s arid land resources has grown into a world-renowned research institute that is addressing environmental issues on a global scale. DRI has proven to be extremely responsive to the world’s changing priorities and has conducted studies on all seven continents. 

This is possible, in part, due to the generosity of people like you. Your support advances impactful science that is helping to deliver solutions to our world’s most pressing environmental challenges. Please consider supporting DRI with a year-end contribution to ensure this important work continues.

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Supporting a Lifelong Passion for Science

Supporting a Lifelong Passion for Science

Philanthropy is a multigenerational Lewis family tradition. During his childhood, Robert Lewis wanted to be a scientist. He has supported DRI for almost 15 years and was part of an instrumental group of donors that provided philanthropic support to launch the Innovative Research Program (IRP) in 2018.

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