Organic Analytical Laboratory

Research Projects

The following selected on-going and recent OAL projects show examples of the type of work we have performed over the years.

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Analysis of Volatile Organic Emissions by Marijuana (Cannabis) Growing Facilities

Sponsor: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Dates: 2018-present

Atmospheric Chemistry of Bioaerosols

Sponsor: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Dates: 2018-present

Mapping the Spatial Distribution of Toxic Metals Including Hexavalent Chromium in the Air of Communities Surrounding Metal Grading and Plating Operations

Sponsor: South Coast Air Quality Management District

Dates: 2017-present

Detailed Analysis of Brown Carbon Constituents in Biomass Burning Emissions

Sponsor: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Dates: 2015-present

Measuring Absorption Spectra of Carbonaceous Combustion Aerosols to Enable Their Identification and Quantification by Shortwave Remote Sensing

Sponsor: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Dates: 2015-present

Passive Sampling of Volatile Organic Compounds in Ambient Air near Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

Sponsor: Wood Buffalo Environmental Association

Dates: 2013 – present

Analysis of Volatile Gaseous Emissions of Cannabis Plants

Sponsor: Washoe County, Nevada 

Dates: 2016 – present

Real-world vehicle emission characterization for the Shing Mun tunnel in Hong Kong and Ft. McHenry tunnel in the US

Sponsor: Health Effects Institute (HEI)

Dates: 2015-2018

Chemical Analyses for Tobacco Flavorings Emission Characterization

Sponsor: Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute

Dates: 2015-2017

Aerosol Optical Properties and Biogenic SOA: Effect on Hygroscopic Properties and Light Absorption

Sponsor: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Dates: 2014-2018

Collaborative Research: Development of a Digital Microfluidic Impactor for One Minute Measurements of Main Inorganic Aerosol Species

Sponsor: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Dates: 2014-2018

Characterizing the Determinants of Vehicle Traffic Emissions Exposure: Land-Use, Traffic, Transformation and Transport

Sponsor: Health Effects Institute (HEI)

Dates: 2014 – 2018

Reduced Sulfur Compounds and Volatile Organic Compounds in Ambient Air near Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

Sponsor: Wood Buffalo Environmental Association

Dates: 2015-2016

Inter-comparison Study: Comparing the Performance of Sibata Scientific Company Carbonyl Compounds’ Samplers to Waters Company DNPH Samplers

Sponsor: Sibata Scientific Tech. Ltd.

Dates: 2015

Quantifying Volatile Gaseous Emissions from Hops (Humulus Lupulus, as a Surrogate for Cannabis) Grown at Different Temperatures in DRI's Ecocell Controlled Greenhouse Environment Facility

Sponsor: Washoe County

Dates: 2014-2015

Ozone and Ozone Precursors at Devil’s Post Pile National Monument

Sponsor: USDA Forest Service (USFS)

Dates: 2013

LAX Air Quality and Source Apportionment Study (AQSAS) Phase III

Sponsor: Tetra Tech Inc.

Dates: 2011-2013

Distribution of Ozone, Ozone Precursors and Gaseous Components of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition in the Lake Tahoe Basin

Sponsor: USDA Forest Service (USFS)

Date: 2012

Speciation of semi-volatile organic compounds for Phase II of the Advanced Collaborative Emissions Study

Sponsor: Coordinated Research Council (CRC)

Date: 2012

Local and Community-Scale Monitoring for the San Francisco Bay Area Community Air Risk Evaluation (CARE) Program

Sponsor: Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Dates: 2008 – 2012

On Road Vehicle Emissions in Southern California in Southern California Traffic Tunnel

Sponsor: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Date: 2010

Exhaust and Evaporative Emissions Testing of Flexible-Fuel Vehicles

Sponsor: Automotive Testing labs, Inc.

Dates: 2008-2010

Barnett Shale Oil and Gas Production

Sponsor: National Urban Air Toxics Research Center

Date: 2010

Lake Tahoe Ozone Precursor Study

Sponsor: USDA Forest Service (USFS)

Date: 2010

Role of Lubrication oils on Particulate Matter Emissions from Vehicles (NREL - Oils Project)

Sponsor: Southwest Research Institute

Dates: 2007-2010

Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds in Ambient Air in Santiago, Chile

Sponsor: CENMA

Date: 2009

Exposure Facility and Conduct of a Chronic Bioassay

Sponsor: Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute

Dates: 2009-present

Exposure Classification

Sponsor: American Petroleum Institute

Dates: 2008-2009

Impact of Wildfire Events on Clark County Air Quality in 2008 Season

Sponsor: Clark County Department of Air Quality & Environmental Management, Las Vegas, NV

Date: 2008

Flexible Fuel Vehicle Exhaust and Evaporating Emissions Testing for Gaseous Carbonyl Compounds

Sponsor: Automotive Testing Laboratories, Inc.

Date: 2009

West Oakland Measurement Study

Sponsor: Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Date: 2009

Speciation of Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds for the Advanced Collaborative Emissions Study

Sponsor: Coordinated Research Council (CRC)

Date: 2007


Andrey Khlystov, Ph.D.
Lab Director 


Desert Research Institute
2215 Raggio Parkway
Reno, NV 89512


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