Tom Carey Profile Photo
Dr. Tom Carey
Research Professor, Physicist

As a research scientist with 43 years of postgraduate R&D, management and leadership in experimental physics, for both basic science and national security applications, he has extensive experience in the development and usage of forefront neutral and charged radiation sensors and associated instrumentation, for both basic science and applications related to the detection, location, and characterization of transient events with ground-, air-, and satellite-based systems for national security treaty monitoring and threat reduction nonproliferation programs. He also has expertise in high-speed data acquisition and real-time embedded processing hardware and software, retains working knowledge of particle identification, tracking, momentum, and energy measurement systems and techniques, and has broad ranging analysis, computing hardware and software, electronics, and simulation skills.

During 1980-2000 he fulfilled core scientific and technical roles in the development of four major new research programs in nuclear and particle physics. He subsequently became an experienced project manager for large collaborative international instrumentation programs, has served as a program manager, capabilities center leader, and chief scientist for national security systems development and sustainment, and is now a research professor for systems of systems sciences and engineering with graduate degrees in physics and business administration (the latter with special emphasis in technology management and strategic R&D program development) and follow-on certification in human organizational and systems development.


radiation detection systems (both ionizing and non-ionizing phenomena & sensing technologies for gamma, neutron, x-ray, RF, optical, particle); nuclear and particle physics; nuclear weapons and effects; nuclear explosion and test detection and monitoring systems; nuclear nonproliferation programs and treaties; DOD, DOE, NNSA satellite instrumentation and systems; DOE, NNSA National Laboratories & Sites; NNSA DNN R&D organization & programs; Nevada National Security Site (NNSS, formerly NTS); project and program management; systems of systems architecting and engineering; government systems acquisition methods, policies, procedures, regulations;