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Palina Bahdanovich
Graduate Research Assistant, PhD

Samburova, V., Schneider, E., Rüger, C. P., Inouye, S., Sion, B., Axelrod, K., Bahdanovich, P., Friederici, L., Raeofy, Y., Berli, M., Lutz, A. D., Zimmermann, R., Moosmüller, H. (2023). Modifications of Soil Hydroscopic and Chemical Properties Caused by Four Recent California, USA Megafires, Fire, 6 (5), 186, 10.3390/fire6050186

Bahdanovich, P., Axelrod, K., Khlystov, A. Y., Samburova, V. (2022). Optimized Spectrophotometry Method for Starch Quantification, Analytica, 3 (4), 394-405

Conference Proceedings
Chang, C., Atkinson, C., Axelrod, K., Bahdanovich, P., Ross, S., Xia, S., Hosseinpour, F. E. (2022). Aerosol?Cloud Interactions over the Tropical Atlantic Ocean. Atmospheric Chemistry, Aerosols, and Air Quality Session, 102nd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting: Houston, TX, January 23, 2022

Samburova, V., Moosmüller, H., Bahdanovich, P., Axelrod, K., Sion, B., Berli, M. (2022). Seeking answers from the wild-fire ashes, University of Rostock: Germany, October 17, 2022, Invited speaker

Samburova, V., Sion, B., Bahdanovich, P., Axelrod, K., Raeofy, Y., Berli, M., Moosmüller, H. (2022). Physical and Chemical Characterization of Post-Fire Soil Samples (2021-2022 Mega-Fires), DRI’s Division of Atmospheric Sciences Science Talks: Desert Research Institute, Reno and Las Vegas, December 9, 2022