Jesse Juchtzer Profile Photo
Jesse Juchtzer
Principal Research Technician

Professional Interests

  • Jesse is currently the Principle Research Technician for Desert Research Institute (DRI), Division of Atmospheric Science, Cloud Seeding Program. With over nine years of distinguished service at DRI, Jesse provides a wide range of advanced technical, mechanical and scientific research skills to support and manage water resource enhancement and snowpack augmentation projects within western US states (CA, NV, CO, UT, WY).
  • As a 6th generation Nevadan, Jesse values the public services which DRI can provide not only to the current residence, businesses and recreational users, but for all future generations to come. Jesse’s passion for applied research projects is derived from his combined experience as a veteran US NAVY Aviation Mechanic as well as the scientific integrity instilled as a former US Geological Survey (USGS) Hydrologic Technician.
  • The unique aptitude and knowledge required to innovate, fabricate, install, maintain and analyze the data obtained from a variety of customized research platforms, while also conducting remote field work in mountainous terrain during all-season weather conditions, is ultimately what fuels this DRI researchers drive to advance atmospheric science using novel water resource management tools and strategies.
  • Jesse’s desire to discover Nature’s elusive secrets using the scientific method has also lead to the development of multiple public and K-12 outreach programs to share these important findings and hopefully inspire the next generation of inquisitive explorers.

Capabilities and Services

Fabrication, Maintenance, Troubleshooting

  • Custom Metal (steel, aluminum, stainless), wood and composite fabrication
  • Advance AC/DC electrical wiring and installation
  • Fluids/Gases system plumbing, metering, automation
  • Proprietary CAD blueprinting and prototype development

Data Acquisition, Analysis, Reports

  • Programming of Campbell Scientific and WaterLog dataloggers and associated sensory equipment
  • Development of remote communication platforms and real-time display systems (satellite, radio, cellular)
  • Sampling and Laboratory measurements using NIST protocols (air, water, soil, biological, survey levels)
  • Archival data management with graphical compilation (ArcGIS) for visual QA/QC and report generation

Field Work and Innovative Solutions

  • Multi-Day remote travel using (4×4 vehicles, snowmobiles, hike, snowshoe) in all weather conditions
  • Advanced wilderness first aid, personnel and vehicle recovery methods, safety focused work ethics
  • Heavy equipment operator, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) pilot, strenuous manual labor qualified
  • Ability to solve field related issues with novel and effective approaches

Professional Preparation and Certifications

Cert/Degree Year Institution Area
Cert 2022 Weather Modification Association, UT Weather Modification Operator
Cert 2019 Weather Modification Association, UT Weather Modification Operator
Cert 2021 FAA/UAS Recurrent Remote Pilot License, NV Small Unmanned Aircraft (Part 107)
Cert 2019 FAA/UAS Recurrent Remote Pilot License, NV Small Unmanned Aircraft (Part 107)
Cert 2017 FAA/UAS Remote Pilot License, NV Small Unmanned Aircraft (Part 107)
Cert 2012 United States Geological Survey, CA Surface Water Records Computation
Cert 2011 United States Geological Survey, CA Streamflow Measurements using ADCPs
Cert 2010 United States Geological Survey, CA Backcountry Snowmobile Operator/Wilderness First Aid
B.S. 2009 Sierra Nevada College, Incline Village, NV Environmental Science & Ecology
A.S. 2007 Truckee Meadows Community College, NV Environmental Science
VTS. 2004 Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, CA Airframe and Powerplant Maintenance
Cert 2002 United States Navy, San Diego, CA Federal OSHA Hazardous Materials HAZWOPER
Cert 2002 United States Navy, Pensacola, FL MIG/TIG/MAG/SMAW/Other metallurgy fabrication processes
VTS. 2001 United States Navy, Great Lakes, IL Naval Aviation (Structural/Hydraulic) Mechanic


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Conference Proceedings
Collins, M. J., McDonough, F., Juchtzer, J. W., Arienzo, M. M., Dean, J. (2019). Stories in the Snow: Crowd-Sourced Snow Crystal Images to Identify Tahoe Winter Cloud Structures. Annual Western Snow Conference: Reno, NV, April 16, 2019-April 18, 2019

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McDonough, F., Juchtzer, J. W., Shourd, K. N., Dean, J. (2017). Supercooled Liquid Water Observations within Storms over the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Weather Modification Association Annual Meeting: Boise, ID, April 17, 2017-April 20, 2017