Janelle Bustarde Profile Photo
Janelle Bustarde
Laboratory Technician III

Sion, B., Baish, C. J., Bustarde, J. (2022). Distribution of geomorphic landforms and soils along the El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro in the Socorro area: implications for trafficability and trail routing, New Mexico Geological Society 72nd Annual Fall Field Conference Guidebook, 399-412, 10.56577/FFC-72.399

Conference Proceedings
Sion, B., McDonald, E. V., Bustarde, J., Hidy, A. (2022). Meteoric 10Be analysis from a soil chronosequence in the Mojave Desert, USA reveals the long-term stability of Av horizons and potential avenues for future research (EGU22-9963), European Geophysical Union: Vienna, Austria, May 23, 2022-May 27, 2022, 10.5194/egusphere-egu22-9963

Sion, B., Berli, M., Samburova, V., Baish, C. J., Bustarde, J., Houseman-Lehman, S. M. (2022). Effects of the 2021 Caldor fire (CA, USA) on soil hydraulic and thermal properties: a pilot study, 54 (5), GSA Connects 2022: Denver, CO, October 9, 2022-October 12, 2022, 10.1130/abs/2022AM-381651

Sion, B., McDonald, E. V., Bustarde, J. (2020). Using soil stratigraphic observations to constrain TCN depth profile ages of relict alluvial fan surfaces in the Sonoran Desert, USA, European Geophysical Union: Vienna, Austria, May 4, 2020-May 8, 2020, D894