George Burke Maxey Fellowship

The George Burke Maxey Fellowships are awards given to a current or incoming DRI graduate student who is enrolled either in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Water Resources Management (WRM), or the University of Nevada, Reno Graduate Program in Hydrologic Sciences (GPHS) pursuing research in the broad fields of water resources or hydrology that will serve as the basis of his/her/their Master’s thesis or Ph.D. dissertation.

These Fellowships were established through an endowment by Elizabeth West Stout, a paleontologist and Trustee Emerita of the DRI Research Foundation, who knew George Burke Maxey as a friend and colleague.

The basis of each Fellowship award is a nomination from the student’s faculty advisor of up to 800 words. The nomination should include information on the student’s potential for success in the GPHS or WRM graduate programs based on the student’s academic background and other experiences. The nomination should also include information on the research area the student will engage in, or is working on, and how this project fits into the advisor’s research portfolio. For the Current Student Fellowship, the student’s standing in the program will also be taken into account. Nominations will be evaluated by DRI faculty participating in the GPHS and WRM programs.

For the Maxey Incoming Student Fellowship, nominees must be an incoming student in GPHS or WRM, with research support and a DRI Faculty member serving as their principal advisor. For the Maxey Current Student Fellowship, the nominee must have completed at least one year of a graduate program and be employed within the NSHE system (e.g., GRA, Fellowship, TA) with a DRI Faculty member as their principal advisor. The Maxey Incoming Student Fellowship is to be used for discretionary needs that supplement other funding sources provided to the student. The Maxey Current Student Fellowship is to be used for discretionary needs that support the student’s completion of their degree. Acceptance of the Fellowship does not preclude significant research support from any division of the University of Nevada System during the period of the Fellowship. A student may win the Incoming Student and the Current Student awards only once per degree.

A letter of support from the student’s principal advisor, which should include a statement indicating the anticipated level of participation by the DHS Faculty member, must be included with the proposal. This letter of support must also outline plans for the student’s continued funding outside of that provided by the Maxey Fellowship.

The award will be distributed by DRI in the form of a single-payment to the student.

Submission and More Information

Nominations must be submitted electronically in a single PDF document to
Maria Vasquez by April 1st, 2024 to:

Maria Vasquez
Desert Research Institute
Division of Hydrologic Sciences
2215 Raggio Parkway
Reno, Nevada 89512
Reno: 775-673-7979

Current and Previous Recipients

2023 Ryan Shaver / Rachel Kozloski / Drake McCrimmon
2022 N/A

2021 Marc J. Berghouse
2020 Joshua Culpepper
2019 Ahdee Zeidman
2018 Kayla Neuharth
2017 Khaled Pordel
2016 Xueke Yang
2015 N/A
2014 Laura Craig / Jamie Myers
2013 Noah Fraser
2012 Jackson Crews
2011 Mustafa Eissa / Zach Johnson
2010 Hal Voepel / David Smith
2009 William Meyer
2008 Margaret Shanafield
2007 N/A
2006 Farag Botros
2005 Christopher Shope
2004 N/A
2003 Donald M. Reeves
2002 Marija Grabasnjak
2001 Mark B. Green
2000 Matt Herrick
1999 Sean Kosinski
1998 William D. Howcroft
1997 David Eric Harlow
1996 Angela R. Varian
1995 Hongbin Zhan
1994 David A. Benson
1993 Bwire S. Ojiambo
1992 Gregg Lamorey
1991 Steve Acheampong
1990 Michael Nicholl
1989 Sean A McKenna
1988 Lisa A Shevenell


Maria Vasquez 


Desert Research Institute
2215 Raggio Parkway
Reno, NV 89512


Hydrologic Sciences