Mercury Analytical Laboratory

This Mercury lab has been established for trace-level analytical measurements for mercury in the environment including analyses of mercury contents in air, water, soils, and plants. The lab is equipped with two Tekran Model 2537 mercury analyzers for measurements of gaseous elemental mercury and Tekran Model 1130 and 1135 speciation units for measurements of gaseous reactive and particulate atmospheric mercury. A Nippon Model MA-2000 Mercury Analyzer equipped with an autosampler for 32 samples for high and efficient throughput of samples allows for thermal analyses of total mercury in solid samples according to EPA method 7473. A Tekran Model 2600 Automated Water Analysis System allows for fully automated analysis of ultra-trace levels of total mercury in liquid samples according to US EPA Method 1631. The lab is also equipped with a Water Purification System (Milli-Q Academic), particulate-free and laminar-flow hoods to work in a dust-free environment, and has implemented Standard Operation Procedures for reagent and acid cleaning and drying of glassware, tubing, and filters. The laboratory is equipped with a freeze dryer (Micromodulyo, Thermo Scientific), mills, and precision analytical balances for sample preparation, homogenizing, and sample weighing.


Hans Moosmuller, Ph.D.
Atmospheric Sciences