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Jim Brock
Affiliate Associate Research Scientist

Professional Interests


Jim Brock delivers a bucketful of calibrated water monitoring sondes to groundwater discharge methods comparison field site at Perth, Australia

My research focuses on the structure and dynamics of aquatic ecosystems, primarily streams and rivers in arid lands. I study temperature dynamics, material transport, nutrient assimilation, hydrology, and the factors affecting metabolic processes of aquatic ecosystems. I led a team of scientists and engineers who developed numeric models that simulate water quality in rivers where periphyton dominates the oxygen and nutrient dynamics. Although most of my past research has focused on flowing surface waters, my scope of interest lately has been broadening to include riparian, wetland, estuarine, and shallow groundwater environments. I often design and assemble novel instrumentation to support measurements of ecological and hydrological processes. These research instruments, for example, enable monitoring of surface water-groundwater exchange, groundwater flow, and measuring aquatic community metabolism and nutrient dynamics in flowing mesocosms. I currently am involved in integrating field instruments with software tools to facilitate research at remote sites using web-based data collection and graphical display.

Research Areas

  • Ecosystems
  • Freshwater Ecology
  • Biogeochemistry
  • River Hydrodynamics
  • Riparian-stream Channel and Hyporheic Interactions
  • Modeling of Lotic Ecosystems and Temperature
  • Environmental Monitoring Instrument Development
  • Thermal Dynamics in Streams
Measuring oxygen metabolism of periphyton on sticks,  Kissimmee  River, FL.

Measuring oxygen metabolism of periphyton on sticks, Kissimmee River, FL.

Recent Research Projects

Current Projects

  • Influence of groundwater-surface water exchange on periphyton dynamics
  • Thermal Influences on Periphyton Dynamics
  • Thermal Survey of Carson and Truckee Rivers
  • Simulated Effects of Decreased Discharge on Water Temperature of Warm Springs Ck, NV
  • Development of a Profiling Temperature Probe
  • Groundwater Influences on Aquatic Plants of Lake Tahoe – Download PDF


Degree Year Institution Area
M.S. 1980 Idaho State University Zoology
B.S. 1973 Amherst College Biology
Brock, J. T., Hire, D., Fitzgerald, B. C., Susfalk, R. B. (2016). Hydrologic Monitoring for the S-356 Pump Station Test (Miami-Dade County, Florida) 2015 – 2016, Annual Report USACE Contract No. W912EP-15-R-0024, August 2016.

Brock, J. T., Susfalk, R. B., Fitzgerald, B. C. (2014). Data summary report groundwater flow and hydrology in vicinity of L31N Canal (Miami-Dade, Florida) during 2005-2011.

Cobourn, J., Saito, L., Brock, J. T., Naranjo, R. C., Susfalk, R. B., Chandra, S. (2008). Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions Along the Truckee and Carson Rivers, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension Publication

Sada, D. W., Brock, J. T., Fritsen, C. H., Rosamond, C. L., Shope, C., Benner, S. G., McKay, W. A. (2005). Baseline Hydrologic and Biological Monitoring, McCarran Ranch Restoration Project, Lower Truckee River, Nevada (2003-2004), DRI Report No. 41220

Conference Proceedings
Naranjo, R. C., Stone, M. C., Mckay, A., Brock, J. T., Davis, C. J. (2008). Data Collection for Investigating Hyporheic Flow and Nutrient Exchange in the Truckee River. AGU Fall Meeting: San Francisco, CA

Naranjo, R. C., Brock, J. T., Susfalk, R. B., Mckay, A., Stone, M. C., Saito, L., Tyler, S. W. (2008). Nutrient and Hyporheic flow Dynamics Through a Riffle-Pool Sequence, Truckee River at Fleish, CA. Nevada Water Resources Association 2008 Annual Conference.

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