Kent Hoekman

Dr. S. Kent Hoekman: Professional Qualifications/CV

Dr. S. Kent Hoekman

Title: Research Professor
Affiliation: Division of Atmospheric Sciences
Location: DRI Reno
Phone: 775.674.7065
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Keywords: Renewable energy, biomass, biofuels, fossil fuels, fuel processing, fuel regulations, vehicle emissions


Research Areas:

  • Renewable and sustainable energy systems
  • Production and use of bio-fuels
  • Air quality impacts of vehicle emissions
  • Impacts of advanced-technology vehicles on emissions and energy usage
  • Role of science in shaping environmental public policy

Professional Interests

Dr. Hoekman is a Research Professor within the Division of Atmospheric Sciences at the Desert Research Institute (DRI). DRI is a statewide division of the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) that pursues basic and applied environmental research on local, national, and international scales. His professional interests include environmental impacts of energy production, distribution, and use; development of renewable and sustainable energy systems; conversion of biomass to biofuels; air quality impacts of vehicle emissions; and impacts of advanced-technology fuels and vehicles on emissions and energy use. He is also interested in the interface between politics and environmental science, particularly in the areas of energy policy, renewable fuels, greenhouse gases, and climate change.
In addition to his personal professional activities, Dr. Hoekman has provided leadership for DRI in the identification, protection, and licensing of intellectual property (IP) developed at the Institute. Dr. Hoekman was instrumental in establishing a joint Technology Transfer Office (TTO) between DRI and the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). He currently serves as DRI’s Liaison to the TTO, and oversees the activities of this office on behalf of DRI.

Dr. Hoekman has also served DRI by coordinating and promoting the Institution’s R&D portfolio in the field of renewable energy. He has led the effort to establish a Renewable Energy Center (REC) at DRI, and continues to provide leadership in this area. For further information about the DRI-REC, please refer to its website at
In addition, Dr. Hoekman is active in the scientific academic and business communities.  He serves as a reviewer for numerous science and engineering journals, is a member of several professional societies, has assisted in organizing scientific conferences, and contributes to the mentoring and advisement of graduate students at the University of Nevada in Reno.  Currently, he serves as Associate Editor for the International Journal of Alternative Energy.

From 2001 to 2007, Dr. Hoekman served as Executive Director of DRI’s Division of Atmospheric Sciences (DAS). DAS consists of approximately 50 research faculty, along with 70 technologists, graduate students, post-docs, and other support staff. The Division conducts fundamental and applied research around the world on topics pertaining to emissions, renewable energy, air pollution, meteorology, climatology, aerosol chemistry and physics, and other areas related to atmospheric science. DAS also serves as the institutional home for the Western Regional Climate Center, one of six NOAA-funded regional climate centers in the U.S. As Director, Dr. Hoekman was responsible for all personnel, financial, organizational, and professional activities of Divisional operations. The Division’s scientific work is sponsored by over 100 federal, state, local, and private organizations that provide approximately $14 million per year in research grants and contracts. For more information about the Division and its activities, please refer to its web site at


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