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Office of the Vice President for Research

Vice President for Research

Research at DRI is an integral part of the Institute's life.

DRI has become internationally recognized for its environmental research in disciplines ranging from microbiology to atmospheric physics. This research helps answer critical questions about global climate change, water quality and availability, air quality, sustainability of desert lands, life in extreme environments, our archaeological heritage, and much more.

One of the challenges to building research programs in DRI's soft money environment is providing faculty with financial and human resources that facilitate innovation, encourage development of competitive research, and allow the patenting of new technologies.

Research support at DRI comes through the office of the Vice President for Research (VPR). Within this office the VPR has several key responsibilities, including promoting and advocating DRI's research and development activities, both internally and externally, through the investment of institutional resources and support services while ensuring strict compliance with Federal and State regulations regarding research practices and quality.

DRI’s role and reputation with research sponsors, and local, state, and federal government representatives, and the Reno, Las Vegas, and rural Nevada communities is enriched by developing business structures and opportunities. Encouraging research through business development promotes economic diversification and the development of new technologies and high technology companies in Nevada. Future solutions to major environmental problems facing the residents of Nevada and the world are now within reach.

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