Terrain Analysis Program Partners

U.S.M.A at West Point

"The benefit of DRI’s “Global Military Operating Environments” (GMOE) project to the U.S. Army is clearly needed. Your previous work at critical locations (including, but not limited to, Yuma Proving Ground (Yuma, AZ), Cold Regions Test Center (Ft. Greeley, AK), Tropics Regions Test Center (Panama), Aberdeen Proving Ground (Maryland), and Ft. AP Hill (Virgina) has been invaluable to the test community. Here at West Point, we consider ourselves fortunate to have worked with and learned from scientists at DRI. The faculty and cadets here have gained tremendous knowledge of scientific field craft and follow-on data assessment through our collaborative work. It is our strong desire to continue this relationship and work in the future." – Steven D. Fleming, Ph.D., Col. U.S. Army, Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering, U.S. Military Academy, West Point

U.S. Army Research Office

"Every time I am able to work with personnel from your organizations I jump at the chance because I have learned that they perform a valuable function and offer a value add to our efforts here at the Army Research Office that in turn impacts war fighters in Iraq and Afghanistan…. I, as well as many at the Army Research Office, have supported and believe that continued support of Dr. McDonald’s efforts will provide better data when testing newly developed systems. His approach to the problems presented during various research activities have been something that I have looked to when preparing to go to Iraq…. Dr. McDonald’s efforts have provided the government with the best return on investment on every program I have been able to witness over the past three years." – Clark D. Frederick, LTC, USAR, Fielding and Outreach Officer, U.S. Army Research Office

"DRI’s “Global Military Operating Environments” (GMOE) project has been one of the most productive research efforts of the ARO Terrestrial Sciences program over the past decade. DRI’s efforts to support DoD mission objectives through GMOE and other such efforts are bringing cricital, science-based knowledge to modern military operations and I trust this will continue into the future." – Russel Harmon, Program Manager, Terrestrial Sciences, U.S. Army Research Office 

U.S. Army Command General Staff College 

"The criticality of DRI support comes from the nature of the problems they have addressed which are directly relevant to the last ten years of fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Army did not know very much about the terrain of Iraq and Afghanistan as we became engaged in those conflicts. Much of what we have learned has come from the work of DRI. The sum value of the terrain characterization work with a particular focus on the impacts of dust on our soldier systems cannot be overstated. Efforts such as the weapons jamming study have literally saved American lives and helped us accomplish our mission." – W. Chris King, Ph.D., P.E., Dean of Academics, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College

Yuma Proving Ground

"As a direct beneficiary of the accomplished fundamental research, Yuma Proving Ground has been able to leverage developed awareness on the impact of soil and terrain attributes of our Cold Regions Test Center Cold Regions Test Center (Ft. Greeley, AK), Tropics Regions Test Center (Panama, Suriname, Honduras, and Hawaii), and Yuma Proving Ground (Yuma, AZ) to significantly enhance the articulation of tested material performance and characterization… Moreover, DRI’s superb research is demonstrative and contributive to our overarching philosophy pursuing the “science of test”." – Reed Young, Colonel, U.S. Army, Commanding, Yuma Proving Ground

U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

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