Military Solutions & Contributions

DRI scientists have conducted upwards of $7 million in support of test and evaluation of military equipment and operations at the Army Yuma Proving Ground since 2003. Examples include -

  • Developed the most accurate terrain maps for Iraq and Afghanistan used by the Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC)
    • Improved testing of military equipment including MRAP (Mine -Resistant Ambush Protected) and Up-Armored HUMVEE vehicles, counter-IED technology, the Intelligent Munitions System
  • Developed soil maps for weather models that predict occurrence of hazardous dust/sand storms in Middle East/SW Asia
    • Air Force Weather Agency reports significant increase in accuracy of storm prediction, reducing impact of dust storms to military operations
  • Investigated the source of dangerous combat weapon jams in Iraq and Afghanistan
    • Determined desert dust mixed with gun lubricants, new field standard operating procedures established to decrease jamming of weapons
  • Produced the “Catalog of Analogs” for ATEC that compares the terrain of key countries in the Middle East/SW Asia to terrain used for testing equipment in the US
    • Commonly used by Test Operation Officers to select most applicable terrain at Yuma Proving Ground to test military systems prior to development
  • Provided critical characterization of airborne dust for multiple FOBs (Forward Operating Bases) in Iraq and Afghanistan
    • Established key background and in-theater levels of dust mineral content and dust concentration for assessing potential health hazards from dust inhalation to military personnel

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