Unrestricted Support

Unrestricted support is a top priority and one of the most impactful forms of philanthropic giving an individual can make. Unrestricted support provides DRI with the flexibility to invest in emerging and important new paths and to pivot quickly when opportunities present themselves. In any given year, unrestricted support could be used to kick start a promising new research discovery, to acquire state of the art equipment, to recruit sought-after scientists to come to DRI, or support for other strategic priorities. In addition to annual unrestricted support, DRI also seeks to build an unrestricted endowment that will provide funding and flexibility for these opportunities in perpetuity.


  • DRI Unrestricted Endowment
  • President’s Discretionary Fund
scientists survey field site
Patrick Melarkey of the Desert Research Institute flies the drone during a reseeding flight at the Loyalton Fire burn area on April 22, 2021.