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DRI at AGU 2018

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Alison Murray, PhD, and Postdoc Zoe Harrold, PhD, work in DRI’s microbiology lab. They’ll both be at AGU discussing research about detecting life in extreme environments

Fifty-five faculty and graduate student researchers are representing DRI on papers and posters at the 2018 American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting in Washington DC on December 10th-14th. This annual conference brings together some 25,000 researchers in the earth and space sciences from around the world. 

The sessions and posters listed indicate speakers and first authors from DRI. Be sure to add these sessions to your conference schedule! Also, stop by the DRI booth (#1814) in the Academic Showcase for a chance to meet faculty and learn more about DRI research projects.

Monday 12/10:  

  • Zhufeng Fang:  Hydrologic connectivity in snow-dominated basins as a function of climate, 8:45-9 AM (H11G-04)
  • Rosemary Carroll: Linking Scientific Research with Stakeholder Participation for Improved Water Supply Forecasting in the Upper Gunnison River, Colorado, 9:49-10 AM (PA11A-11)
  • Christine Albano: Spatial and Temporal Variability of Atmospheric River Hydrologic Impacts across the Western U.S., Morning Poster Session (H11V-0754)
  • Marco Giordano: Progress on an AERONET Aerosol Opto-Physical Typology: Refining Classification using Analytic Functions Based upon Density Distribution Functions of Retrieval Values, 2:55-3:10PM (A13A-06)

Tuesday 12/11:  

  • Nina Oakley: Post-Fire Debris Flows in California: An Atmospheric Perspective (Invited), 8:45-9 AM (H21F-04)
  • Rosemary Carroll: The Influence of Snow Accumulation on Groundwater Flux to Streams in a Colorado River Headwater Basin, 10:20-10:35 AM (H22B-01)
  • Alison Murray: Forecasting Habitability Through the Ice-Sealed Lens of Antarctica's Lake Vida (Invited), Morning Poster Session (B23E-1864) 
  • Rishi Parashar: Determination of Well Capture Zones in Fractured Rock Systems Using Discrete Fracture Network Modeling Approach, Afternoon Poster Session (H23J-2485) 
  • Ehsan Mosadegh: Vehicle Miles Travel (VMT) trends over Lake Tahoe area and its effect on Nitrogen Deposition, Afternoon Poster Session (A23M-3068)
  • Rose Shillito: Effective Infiltration Measurements for Fire-Affected Water-Repellent Soils, Afternoon Poster Session (H23L-2548)
  • Nicole Lyn Sund: Reach-scale modeling of transport and reaction due to aerobic respiration in streams, Afternoon Poster Session (H23K-2518)
  • John Mejia: Dispersion of mobile emissions at sub-kilometer scales for the Aburra Valley in Colombia: emission disaggregation, identification of pollution hotspots, and scenario evaluation, Afternoon Poster Session (A23M-3098)
  • John Mejia: WRF Simulation of the Urban Heat Island and its Impact on Wind Dynamics and Air Pollution Transport Mechanisms in a Densely Populated Urban Valley of the Tropical Andes, Afternoon Poster Session (A23M-3071)

Wednesday 12/12:  

  • Zhiqiang Fan: An integrated assessment of induced seismicity potential associated with enhanced geothermal systems, 8:15-8:30 AM (H31C-02)

Thursday 12/13:  

  • Rina Schumer: Nonpoint source flux impact studies for wellhead treatment costs, 9:45-10 AM (H41G-08)
  • Tamara Wall: Weather, Climate, and Wildfire: developing and implementing research for wildfire management and policy, 2-2:10PM (PA43A-03)
  • Maureen McCarthy: SOCCR2 Chapter 7: Indigenous Traditional Knowledge Role in Carbon Cycling on Tribal Lands, 3:19-3:26PM (B43C-17)
  • Jim Hudson:  Opposite Effects of Bimodal CCN Spectra on Stratus and Cumuli, Afternoon Poster Session (A43K-1709) 
  • Hai Pham: Effect of Parameter Uncertainty on Surface Water Depletion Caused by Groundwater Pumping, Afternoon Poster Session (H43D-2605) 

Friday 12/14:  

  • Zoe Harrold: Investigating Atomic Force Microscopy as a biosignature detection tool in Europa-analog samples, 9:35-9:40 AM (P51C-14)
  • David Mitchell: On the Potential Role of Arctic Cirrus Clouds in Predicting Anomalous Mid-latitude Weather and Climate, Morning Poster Session (GC51O-0814)
  • Susan Stillman: Quantifying the Effect of Antecedent Soil Moisture on Convective Precipitation, Morning Poster Session (H51V-1207) 
  • Eric Wilcox: Exploring the day/night temperature contrast as a global indicator of light-absorbing aerosols, Morning Poster Session (A51Q-0241) 
  • Maureen McCarthy: Native Waters on Arid Lands: Enhancing Climate Resilience on Tribal Lands, Morning Poster Session (PA51C-1506)
  • Brittany Kruger: An assessment of microbial mat and microbially influenced mineral age, carbon biogeochemistry, lipid profiles, and eukaryotic and prokaryotic community structure in lava caves to inform life detection targets, Afternoon Poster Session (B53E-2222) 

Learn more about AGU and the Fall Meeting here:

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