The Desert Tortoise K9 Program

k9bannerA DTK9 team deploys as one dog, one handler and a federally permitted tortoise biologist.
Heaton, J.S., M.E. Cablk, K.E. Nussear, T.C. Esque, P.A. Medica, J.C. Sagebiel, and S.S. Francis. 2008. Comparison of human versus wildlife detector dog investigator effects. Southwestern Naturalist 53(4):472-479.
Nussear, K.E., T.C. Esque, J.S. Heaton, M.E. Cablk, K.K. Drake, C. Valentin, J.L. Yee, and P.A. Medica. 2008. Are wildlife detector dogs or people better at finding tortoises? Herpetological Conservation and Biology. 3(1):103-115.
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Cablk, M.E., Sagebiel, J.C., Heaton, J.S., and C. Valentin. 2008. Olfaction-based detection distance: A quantitative analysis of how far away dogs detect tortoise odor and follow it to source. Sensors. 8(4):2208-2222.
For a copy of the published papers please email Dr. Cablk: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


ARO FinalW911NF0510070 1

Cablk, M.E. and R. Harmon. 2011. Validation and Development of a Certification Program for Using K9s to Survey Desert Tortoises. Final Report to DOD Environmental Security Technology Certification Program. RC-200609. 162 p.


RC 200609 CP 1

 Cablk, M.E. and R. Harmon. 2011. Cost and Performance Report: RC-200609. Report to DOD Environmental Security Technology Certification Program. RC-200609. 91 p.


DTK9 EAFB Final Report 1

 Cablk, M.E., K.N. Nussear, and T.C. Esque. 2007. Desert tortoise surveys on the Precision Impact Range Area October 2006, Edwards Air Force Base, California. Final report to Edwards AFB. 22 pp.


DTK9 final 1

Cablk, M.E. and J.S. Heaton. 2005. Efficacy and reliability of dogs for surveying desert tortoises: Results from the DT-K9 trials March 28-April 15, 2004 Desert Tortoise Conservation Center – Las Vegas, NV. Prepared for: University of Redlands. Task order# 121220-02-02A. 57p


W911NF 04 1 0279 1

Cablk, M.E., J.S. Heaton, and J.C. Sagebiel. 2004. Risk of attracting predators from human and human-dog team wildlife surveys. Prepared for: Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Division. Contract #W911NF-04-1-0279. 31p.

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