Maki Endowment

Maki Postdoctoral Program

As part of the Maki Endowment, postdoctoral researchers were hired in the DRI Division of Hydrologic Sciences. The postdoctoral researchers will be focusing their research efforts on southern Nevada water issues. The current postdoc is Dr. Kelly Gleason, a snow hydrologist and physical geographer.


Dr. Kelly Gleason, Snow Hydrologist and Physical Geographer

Dr. Kelly Gleason’s research focuses on the interactions and feedback of hydrology, climatology, and ecology under a changing climate system. Dr. Gleason uses integrated modeling of eco-hydro-climate systems to evaluate how acute disturbances—such as forest fire—and prolonged disturbances—such as drought and climate change—alter physical hydroclimatological mechanisms and how these local alterations in turn influence regional-scale water resource availability. As a Maki postdoctoral research fellow, Dr. Gleason’s research will determine the impact of light absorbing impurities (i.e., black carbon, dust, and burned woody debris) on snow hydrology and the resulting water resources across the Colorado River Basin.


Chuck Russell
Program Coordinator


Desert Research Institute
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Las Vegas, NV 89119


Hydrologic Sciences