Hydrogeophysics Laboratory

Lab Description

Hydrogeophysics is the study of the interactions between fluids and Earth materials and their influence on the propagation of energy in the form of seismic, acoustic, and electromagnetic waves. Our lab includes a variety of conventional geophysical capabilities: seismic reflection/refraction and electrical resistivity surveys and high-pressure fluid flow systems to measure permeability in rock cores under variable stress. We specialize in designing and implementing unconventional approaches to address customers’ needs.

Examples of Hydrogeophysics Laboratory original inventions include the Open-Hull Dual-Aperture Measurement Network (OHDAMN) to acquire in-situ electromagnetic properties of soil, the Open Dual-Entrance Coaxial (ODEC) system for continuous measurements of dust concentration in air, and the Remote Reflection for Acoustic Seismic Parameters (RRASP) system for non-contact soil-strength measurements. Using professional grade radio-frequency analyzers, research-grade sound-recording equipment, custom-machined sensors, high-end software like Pro Tools and specifically tailored analytical routines in Python, we pride ourselves on delivering new and novel methods to tackle the most challenging research and measurement problems.


Jackson Crews, Ph.D.
Lab Director


Desert Research Institute
2215 Raggio Parkway
Reno, NV 89512


Hydrologic Sciences