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Southern Great Basin Climate Forum Series 2013

The California Nevada Applications Program (CNAP), Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative (GBLCC) and the Western Regional Climate Center (WRCC) hosted the 5th Great Basin Climate Forum on October 16th, at the Tallman Pavilion Tri-County Fairgrounds in Bishop, Ca. to summarize the current climate conditions in the Southern Great Basin areas and discuss how those conditions affect resources. You can also download the Forum Agenda.

View Presentations on DRIScience Youtube channel

Click each image to view the individual presentation.

sgbcf-redmond1 By Kelly Redmond (Part1) sgbcf-redmond2 By Kelly Redmond (part2) sgbcf-redmond3By Kelly Redmond (part3)
sgbcf-herbstBy Dave Herbst sgbcf-bacockBy Alan Bacock sgbcf-wattsBy Adam Watts
sgbcf-millarBy Connie Millar    

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