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Using spatially-based scenario planning to inform climate resiliency planning and adaptation strategies


Alternative Futures flyer with details below    >> Download flyer In this project we are using a stakeholder-driven process in which state and federal managers, private landowners, and conservation groups participate directly in selecting scenario elements and evaluative indicators. We consider both external forces, such as climate change and demographics, and those elements and resources under regional control, such as land treatments and plans. Working with maps and in small groups in short half day workshops, the scenario planning process focuses on the elements and features in three areas of Great Basin that are important to natural resource managers, landowners, NGOs, and community members. The first workshop identified a preliminary set of relevant areas and characteristics were identified. The second half day workshop further prioritized elements that are important (such as grazing, climate, water availability, population growth) to create a preliminary set of scenarios for review and discussion in a final project workshop.


The ultimate goal of these scenarios is not a single plan, since no one entity manages this landscape as a whole. Rather, it is to serve as a road map and shared database for cooperative conservation activities within the region, supporting public/ private collaborations and partnerships.


The resultant data sets and documentation will be managed and maintained by the Great Basin Landscape Conservation Cooperative staff. The final report will provide non-regulatory guidance for managers, private landowners, and conservation groups in the Great Basin Region to incorporate climate resiliency and adaptation strategies into on-going and future planning efforts.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Tamara Wall, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 775-674-7059.  
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