December Featured Grad - Michealene Iaukea-Lum


IMG 6175

What brought you to DRI?

The in-depth research projects performed by DRI researchers and students are what drew me to DRI. 

What are you studying? What research projects are you working on? And who at DRI are you working with?

This semester I am studying Atmospheric Physics and Air Pollution. Currently I am involved with characterizing small particles emitted during wildland fires with photoacoustic observations. I am also using specialized instruments launched on a balloon to look at optical properties of the atmosphere’s vertical profiles. I am working with Dr. Hans Moosmüller.

What are your short-term and long-term goals while at DRI?

My short-term goal while at the DRI is to establish a strong foundation for atmospheric research as well as creating lasting friendships and professional relationships with other graduate students and DRI researchers. Eventually, I want to use my skills to further develop instrumentation for aerosol observations.

IMAG2485Tell us about yourself. What do you do for fun?

I enjoy watching and participating in Judo and Wrestling. In my spare time I volunteer at the local dojo providing instruction to students of all ages in the art of Judo.


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