FrezChem Model

This page provides resources for the FREZCHEM (FREeZing CHEMistry) computer model, which simulates and predicts the behavior of substances at extremely cold temperatures. This FORTRAN model allows researchers to look at and predict geochemical processes at sub-zero temperatures. The potential applications are numerous, including examining the possibility of life on other planets, mine reclamation in cold regions, gas hydrate stability in oceans, and commercial refrigeration processes.

The authors of this work are: Giles Marion, Mikhail V. Mironenko and Morien W. Roberts.


Right-click on the links below to download the FORTRAN source code, release notes for new features in each version, and support files. You are encouraged to use an earlier version if you do not require the features added in later versions. Earlier versions tend to be faster and more robust.

Version Source Code Release Notes (PDF) Support Files
17.1 source code  notes  input | solidmass | solidphase | nuances
16.1 source code notes input | solidmass | solidphase | nuances
15.1 source code notes input | solidmass | solidphase | nuances
14.2 source code notes input | solidmass | solidphase | nuances
13.3 source code notes input | solidmass | solidphase | nuances
12.2 source code notes N/A
11.2 source code notes N/A
9.2 source code notes N/A
8.3 source code notes N/A
7.2 source code notes N/A
6.2 source code notes N/A
5.2 source code notes N/A

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